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How to Create a Creative Resume in Adobe Photoshop

Let's be honest here; crafting one resume could be a dragging task sometimes. Often, we stick to the traditional resume layout that is simple and straight. This idea doesn't mean that it is not right; however, we need to consider the overall appearance of our resume documents upon sending. With this idea, you need to step up your job application game. How? Pretty simple. Start browsing our available creative resume above and utilize its wonderful features. If you don't know how to start your resume actualization, worry no more, for we gather below a guide on how you can creatively craft your resume.

1. Opt to Utilize the Adobe Photoshop Software

Creative resumes need to be enhanced in digital software. With this, make use of the Adobe Photoshop program application in your resume creation. Adobe Photoshop perfectly fits your creative resume, especially if you want to incorporate vector designs and design object enhancement. This application is easy for you to use, unlike the other Adobe layout software, for this app is uniquely programmed for start-up designers.

2. Set a Unique Resume Design Motif

Upon creating your desired resume, make it as unique as possible. Think of a possible design element motif that you can incorporate into your resume. Identify if you want to have an elegant design motif, contemporary, or minimalist design. Then, plot the potential design elements that you can include in your resume actualization such as color scheme and typography. This is very applicable most, especially if you opt to have a resume for a designer job.

3. Gather the Resume's Vital Information

A resume must comprise of vital information that would describe yourself as a future employee of your desired company. If you opt to have a fresher resume, begin it by compiling your academic tenure. On the other hand, for an experienced resume, gather all the previous jobs and experiences that are vital in your resume. Sort them chronologically and specify the span of years or months of your term.

4. Make it Brief and Concise

Understandably, you want to include all of your achievements, work experiences, and personal information. However, you need to consider the amount of information, especially in a one-page resume. That is why, upon plotting the vital resume data, make sure that you observe accurate yet straightforward writing. There is a study that an estimated 40% of hiring managers officers spend less than 60 seconds reviewing each resume they receive. So keep your resume content short and simple.

5. Browse on our Available Templates

To make things quick and convenient in your part, take the time to check and select on our available resume templates. Select from our wide variety of templates such as Animator CV Template, Graphic and Web Designer Resume, UX Designer Resume Template, and more. All of our professional resume template files are rendered for ready-use resume layout and to ensure the best resume quality finish.

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