Interior Design Brochures Templates

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What Is an Interior Design Brochure?

An interior design brochure is a folded paper or a booklet that contains information about interior decoration. Just like pamphlets and flyers, interior design brochures serve as an endorsement of interior designs for commercial use. It contains the layout of the insides of the building. It can be a simple four-walled room, a humble home, a residential kitchen, a restaurant, or a company building. It's all about the interior of any enclosed architecture.

How to Make an Interior Design Brochure

An interior design brochure can be a booklet, a bifold paper, or a trifold paper. It is all up to your artistic taste and creative decision. All you have to do is be creative and, at the same time, informative about your design. Here is how you design marketing brochures to endorse your interior design.

1. Do the Planning

Plan everything from the color schemes, decorations, words and all. Choose font styles that are eye-catching, yet still calming to the eyes. Don't go overboard. Just like the fonts, use colors that are pleasant to the eyes as well. Colors may just be hues, but using overpowering colors can instantly descend interest. Also, you can refer to Pro for a strong example. Next, plan the content. Decide which corners of the room or building you would want to present in your interior design brochure. Write down the necessary information about your design that people need to know.

2. Take the Pictures

You might think that you can just look for pictures online to model your interior design; however, it is undoubtedly better to use your very own design right from the front page of your creative brochure. So take pictures. Bring your camera and capture the appealing corners of the building. Make sure the pictures speak your objective as the interior designer.

3. Make the Layout

Using your trusted editing app or any advertising brochure maker software, decide the layout. Decide the kind of brochure that you want to contain your designs in; it can be simple, folded, or book bound. Select from the number of selections in the brochure maker.

4. Insert the Information

Choose the Add Text button and put it to where you want it to be. Write the words that are talks about the design. Talk about your goals for your designs and what it signifies. Write about your approach, either you aim for modern, vintage, retro, or any approach that describes your work. Next, write about the benefits and convenience of your design. It strengthens why they should consider it. The most important is your information. Insert your contact details: cellphone numbers, telephone numbers, mailing address, e-mail address, company address, website. Include everything that professionally connects you to them.

5. Insert the Pictures

Click the Add Pictures/Photos and select from the various captured pictures of your interior design. You can also edit the pictures to enhance its quality. Put the pictures in your desired position. Make sure the pictures in your modern brochure are well-lit, not too dark nor too light. What gives essence about the pictures is the focal point. Make sure the picture focuses on your creation, not on the irrelevant places.

6. Print It Out

After making your sample brochure, don't forget to check for any errors. Make sure that everything is set. Then, print it all out. Fold it if it's a bi/trifold type, or bind it if it's a booklet style.