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How to Make an Interior Design Flyer?

interior design flyer template

A flyer is a type of printed marketing collateral that is usually distributed on a face-to-face basis. In some cases, modern flyers may also be posted on walls, bulletin boards, and posts.

Creating an interior design flyer is no different from making other kinds of service flyers. What’s more important is making sure that your flyer is set up for success.

We’ve prepared a few guidelines below to help business owners, event organizers, and marketers alike learn the best practices when it comes to flyer-making.

1. Plan for a Drip Effect Marketing

As the worldwide print market bounces back from the recession, market research organizations are predicting a 0.4% growth in the direct mailer industry until 2020. Take advantage of this renewed interest by employing the drip effect marketing method.

In this flyer marketing strategy, business owners are encouraged to treat creative flyer distribution as a long term strategy. In this method, potential customers are exposed to your brand/business for a longer period of time which increases brand awareness and the likelihood of a sale.

2. It’s All In the Copy

To create an effective interior design marketing flyer, you need to come up with the right combination of words. Find out what works for your competitors and improve upon them.

Use sensory words that will take a customer right into imagining how your brand new sofa will feel. Add value to your sample flyer by including helpful information. Impart knowledge if you can. Be truthful.

3. Images Matter Too

After making sure that your flyer copy shines, turn your attention to your images. When these two elements are combined, your advertising flyer will be a smash hit.

Use high-resolution and relevant images for any interior design sales flyer that you create. To illustrate, if you are offering your interior design services, use photos of homes or offices that you have planned and decorated yourself.

4. Don’t Forget a Call To Action

Any interior design business flyer can stand out with the right copy and with the use of attractive images. However, if you want true sales-oriented impact from your flyers, always include a compelling Call To Action.

The right CTA wording will depend on your industry, message, and flyer design. It should spur a customer to action. Include time-based offers and deals. State clearly what is in it for the customer. But, also, make it easy for the customer to follow-through with such actions.

The simpler the action, the more likely a customer is going to do it. For example, you may ask to like your company Facebook or Instagram page to get a $10 discount when they visit your store.

5. Add Branding Elements

We mentioned earlier that long term flyer marketing campaign is more effective due to the drip marketing effect. To take full advantage of this benefit for your company, always add your business’s unique branding elements to your commercial interior design flyers.

Choose a well-designed company logo. You may also come up with a catchy brand name and/or slogan. A consistent color scheme on all your professional flyer designs also helps. By doing this, customers are more likely to remember your business name and what kind of product or services you offer.

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