Big and small businesses conduct inventory tracking to ensure that the stock is complete and in good condition. Doing it without the necessary tools is very difficult. That's why we are providing you these downloadable and printable Inventory Spreadsheet Templates. These templates are available in various file formats and in A4 and US letter sizes. You can also modify these templates to cater to your needs and preferences. You also get to keep these forever once downloaded. Conduct inventory management now by downloading one of our templates! 

How to Create an Inventory Spreadsheet

According to Paldrop, your company's reputation will be greatly affected if you practice poor inventory management. To avoid this, you must ensure that every product must be replenished immediately once the stock is low because your customers will be compelled to switch to your competitor. You should possess all the resources needed for your inventory keeping, and one of these is by securing an inventory spreadsheet. Here's how to make one:

1. Choose a Program

Your simple inventory spreadsheet can be created through Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Apple Pages. But the ideal program would be spreadsheet-based programs, which are Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. These programs will be ideal when entering quantitative data.

2. Decide the Item You Want to Track

What item are you trying to monitor? Food? Office sdupplies? Indicate the name of the generic name at the topmost part of the sample inventory. You may also include the date when the item was bought, its shelf life, etc., so it will be easier on your part to get rid of them.

3. Categorize the Items

If you are to categorize food items, they will be fruits, vegetables, cereals, etc. For office supplies, they would be desk organizers, calendars, planners, etc. It will be easier to keep track of these if you organize them in the first place.

4. Update Regularly

These products will eventually be reduced as time goes by. Update the printable inventory spreadsheet regularly to see which product needs replenishment immediately. Don't wait until the last product is off the shelf because your supplier may not be able to supply the stock immediately.

5. Use Templates

If you want it the easy way, use our professionally written inventory sheet templates are available for your use. These templates are easily editable to suit your preferences, and these are guaranteed to give you a hassle-free inventory keeping.

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