How to Make a Farewell Invitation in Publisher

Everyone knows how hard it is to say goodbye to people who have been part of your life, but you can make it easier by throwing a farewell party in their honor. This way, people get to enjoy the moment including the person who is about to leave. If you're indeed planning to throw a farewell party, you will need to make and send out invitations to people who are also close to the honoree. To start working on your farewell party invitation, steps are provided below for you to follow.

1. Decide on Your Tone

First and foremost, your farewell event invitation should set the party's mood as well as provide guests with an idea of what the party is going to be about. In this case, make a plan and decide on a tone before you can start making your invitations. Will you be throwing a formal or casual party? Depending on your decision, your invitation should follow the same tone.

2. Wordings Should Reflect the Tone

In addition to the previous step, the language style of your party invitation should reflect the tone of the upcoming celebration. It only makes sense that if you're making a formal invitation, your tone of voice and formatting should be similar to wedding invitations and other formal occasions. In this case, you need to make sure that you spell out the date and time completely and not use abbreviations and numbers. But if you're planning to throw a casual party, you can observe the informal way of writing invitations.

3. Accumulate the Information

Gathering details before writing them is essential, it ensures guests that all the information they need are in your farewell invitation. These details should include the date and time of the party, the venue where the party is going to be held, and the dress code. If you are having second thoughts about the relevance of a certain detail, you should keep it handy because you might need it later on.

4. Use a Template

To save you a lot of time, you can choose to use a party invitation template instead of having to work your way from scratch. Go through our entire selection of templates and download one that best suits the theme of your event.

5. Edit Your Downloaded Template in Publisher

By using Microsoft Publisher, you can start working on the invitation template that you've downloaded in the previous step. Knowing that this desktop publishing tool is commonly used to make printed publications such as flyers, brochures, posters, and other marketing materials, it's just as effective when used to make invitation cards. Simply edit the design of the template and then write the content based on the accumulated information.

6. Review and Proofread

After customizing the invitation template, it is important to review and proofread the content. Although there are different ways to proofread written content, what matters is that by the time you start printing copies of your farewell invitations, it is already free from errors.

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