Goodbyes are what we never want to come and hear. It is the saddest event there could be. It is full of dramas. We have been attached to people we spent our time and stories with. Have a very dear friend who is about to bid farewell? Don't you worry because you can always be remembered in his or her heart and mind and through a farewell card. Make yours with our Farewell Card templates. These card templates are downloadable and editable in Adobe Illustrator, PSD, Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, and Publisher. They are also printable in 5x7, 4x6, 3x5.2 inches sizes plus Bleed and portrait and landscape orientation style. Give your dear friend a farewell blast he or she could never forget!

How to Make a Farewell Card in Publisher

Goodbyes are not always the last. It can be the beginning for someone who is leaving. Instead of being sad because someone is going away, be happy for them instead. Send your dear friend with a remembrance that surely he or she will cherish wherever he or she goes. Give a special person your farewell card for him or her by making it in Microsoft Publisher and by following the guide steps below.

1. Design at Its Best

This farewell card is your last memento to the person you are dedicating it to, so give your best shot in making it. No idea of the card design yet? Why not check out our farewell card templates above? They all come with beautiful designs that, for sure, will suit your preference and are fully editable in Microsoft Publisher. Download any of them for free now! You may also download templates from Publisher’s template library. Select a template, launch it in the software’s editor, and publish your card in no time.

2. Express Yourself

Farewells sure are sad, but it doesn’t mean that you should also produce something that will make your friend, who will be going away, cry. When in fact, you can leave a laugh or even just a simple smile to that person’s lips, not something that will leave tears on his or her face. Your farewell card will be glimpsed by the person to whom you will be giving it to as he or she reminisce about the memories you spent with each other. So dedicate a message that can encourage, remind, or leave a positive mark. Make that person recall that he or she has actually done something good; something that has positively impacted people in the past to tell him or her that he or she can do it even now. Make it your thank you card for that person. Trust in the power of even the shortest positive words.

3. Attach Fun and Cute Images

Complete the card design with images. You can be a minimalist when it comes to the design of your card, but do not leave it a blank card. Use cartoon images to attach fun and cuteness to the farewell card, or you can affix a memory photo of you and the receiver. Maybe you can add a photo of his or her favorite food, character, or objects that remind you of him or her. Including such make the card special, making it worth it for treasure.

4. Seal it in a Matching Envelope

Continue the fun and cuteness of the farewell card. Fold the card neatly and nicely if it doesn’t fit your prepared envelope. Seal the card in an envelope that matches its design. But if you can’t have them in pairs, using a colored envelope will do. Give this appreciation gift to your resigning teacher, transferring college friend, or to anyone who you are planning to give this card to.

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