Hosting parties in banquet or ballrooms are overrated. Why not hold picnics to celebrate special milestones instead? You and your guests can enjoy the amazing outdoors and have fun under the sun. Our Free Picnic Invitation Templates are designed by our professional designers to ensure you get user-friendly features. With the scalable vectors, you can easily add your personal touch through high-quality images and illustrations that you prefer. With just a few clicks of a button can achieve aesthetically pleasing invitations for your picnic. We offer 100% customizable, printable, high quality, professional, quick, and beautifully designed templates. Available in 5x7 inches + Bleed and Adobe Photoshop. No need to look further, download our Ready-Made Picnic Templates for free! 

What Is a Picnic Invitation?

A picnic invitation is an invitation sent to family, friends, or colleagues for a picnic celebration. These are either given personally or sent through email. Events that call for a picnic celebration are family reunions, corporate picnic, summer picnic party, company picnic/outing, etc. Some companies prefer picnic parties because aside from a change of scenery, it takes the employees away from the office for relaxation.

55% of the surveyed 1,000 Americans pefer a picnic or BBQ as their favorite activity during the summer. Americans love grilling so much that the average American family owns 1.4 grills. That's 83% of American families.

How to Create a Picnic Invitation?

Your picnic invitation should be as merry and lighthearted as the event. To create one, read, and apply our recommendations below.

1. Pick a Size

Pick a size for your invitation card. Standard dimensions for invitation cards are 5x7, 4 1/2 x 6 1/8, and 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. If you have another card size preferred, assure first if it has a corresponding envelope.

2. Use Color Schemes and Design

Since we're talking about a picnic-related event, the colors red and white cannot be missing. Also, the old-fashioned wicker picnic basket, checkered blanket, grill, and grilled food. Your event's theme must be evident in your invitations for the sake of your guests.

3. Pick Your Font

Keep your fonts to a minimum of two. Anything beyond this can make your card messy and incomprehensible. Also, choose a font that's appropriate for the picnic event.

4. Choose Carefully Your Card Material

Card stocks are ideal materials for invitation cards. Card stocks are more durable and abundant than your average paper. Card stocks are measured through 'points.' Standard card stocks are 16-point or 14-point. Though these are more expensive, they have more impact on your recipients.

5. Don't Forget the Important Details

Salient information such as the event title, date and time, location, and attire. Indicate your contact information such as your contact number, email, or social media sites (if available) in the card if you want your guests to RSVP.

6. Use an Envelope for Packaging

Your packaging/envelope is just as fundamental as the message inside. At first glance, it should already impress the recipient. Sure, you might have an impressive card inside, but if the packaging is weak, then your recipients are less likely to open it. You may opt to have your envelope embossed or debossed for an added minimalistic design.

If you are feeling crafty, then you make decorative cutouts as an embellishment to your envelope.

Unlike before, we didn't have social media sites or emails to send invitations. We were left with no choice but to carry it through the mail. The farther the recipient's address, the more expensive the mailing will be. But now, with the emergence of social media sites and electronic mailing or e-mail, everything and everyone is within our reach.

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