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How to Create a Picnic Invitation Template in Illustrator

A picnic is one way to spend time in a more refreshing and relaxing vibe with your family, friends, and colleagues. It is an opportunity for people to unwind and stay away from the busy environment in the city. According to an article, going on a picnic is a perfect stress buster since it considerably reduces job and home-related stress and anxiety. Being a busy person, this would be better to alleviate stress and burden by lazing in the daylight once in a while. American History reveals that Americans used to picnic as early as the 1830s picking up on the custom from Europeans. Fascinated by beautiful landscapes and enthralled by the romantic principles of fellowship with nature, Americans hurried to find "a nostalgic solace from industrial life" in the wonderful outdoors. Planning for a cookout, bbq, birthday, or reunion picnic? Well, you need to inform and convince your target guests to go with you. For that to happen, a friendly and pleasing picnic invitation is a must-have. In this article, we provided practical tips on how to create one.

1. Determine What Kind of Picnic you are Planning to Have

To come up with a picnic party invitation design and content, you need to know what kind of picnic you are planning to have. Is it a family picnic, a church picnic, a company picnic, or even a teddy bear birthday picnic? Whatever your choice is, make sure that all elements are relevant to the type of picnic you will be hosting.

2. Craft the Message

A simple invitation letter can have an informal tone. So, make it friendly as much as possible and establish a warm and lighter tone. Avoid writing lengthy content. Remember, you are not writing an essay. Make it short and direct to the point. Ensure that the reader can quickly get the main idea of what you are trying to convey. Just a tip, after you have written a draft, you can ask a friend or two to read it. What did they remember? If there's something to improve, be willing to accept suggestions.

3. Emphasize the Basics

Along with writing the content, do not forget to put the necessary information. Your invitation card serves as a tool to inform the receiver what are the things they need to know to attend your picnic party. It includes the name of the event, the venue, the exact date and time, and the like. You may add other details that are relevant to your invitation. To emphasize these details, make your fonts bigger and bold. Readers can easily find it.

4. Do Trial and Error with the Design

The first attempt may not be as what you have imagined. But, with constant practice and research, you can come up with a sound picnic invitation you ever wanted. Explore the different tools in Adobe Illustrator. There are design tools you can use and other creative elements. Play with various color schemes until you figure out what mixture you need. Also, you may opt to incorporate photos. Just make sure all aspects blended well.

5. Download a Picnic Invitation Template

Starting from a blank canvas can be a bit frustrating. To save you from hassle and stress, download a sample. Make your modifications using Adobe Illustrator. Replace some details to make it your own. If you think you need more, you can look for other editable and printable templates in Picnic Invitation Templates in MS Word.

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