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How to Make a Thanksgiving Template in Photoshop

Did you know that there are 42.5 million turkeys produced in Minnesota to prepare for Thanksgiving in 2018? Along with the famous roasted turkey, Thanksgiving as a whole is one of the most awaited holidays in the United States. Most Americans prepare a bountiful meal to express their gratitude for the excellent harvest. Family and friends spend their time together in this holiday event for a chance of a reunion. Companies sometimes hold exclusive parties for this type of holiday. But for them to invite people to their holiday activities, they need proper materials for that. If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas for your event, then check out the following tip and steps to help you out.

1. Determine the Invitees

First and foremost, who are your invitees for your Thanksgiving gathering? Since Thanksgiving is one of the major holidays in the US, a lot of people are doing their holiday activities. You must know who you want to join your event. Companies sometimes gather their people to celebrate Thanksgiving. But if you are doing a personal occasion, like parties and family dinners, then most likely you will only have your relatives or friends over as your guests. Know who are your invitees first then you can proceed to the other things like designing and writing your event invitations.

2. Decide on a Theme

Setting a theme for your occasion invitations will guide you on the designs to use. Given that the occasion is Thanksgiving, you should prepare an idea closest to that. Your Thanksgiving invitation will most likely represent your holiday event that would give your audience a glimpse of it.

3. Think of a Content

Make sure to incorporate the content with the purpose and theme of your Thanksgiving event. Placing essential details like the thanksgiving date, time, venue, and other vital information will keep your guests informed on the day of your thanksgiving activity. Remember—invitation letters are also like greeting cards, take time to include thanksgiving quotes to wish your guests a fruitful thanksgiving holiday.

4. Design Using Photoshop

Here is the fun part of creating your Thanksgiving material. While designing, you need to consider the theme and content you prepared. Bear in mind that Thanksgiving is also an autumn holiday; that is why most of the designs are leafy. There are editable templates available online for your convenience in designing. These holiday templates also have the autumn designs as the background with high-quality graphics and content you can freely use. You only need to download one that suits your preferences, and you are up for customizing.

Launch your Photoshop program to start editing. The software offers you great tools to use for you to customize quickly. Replace and fill in the details you have come up earlier. After finalizing, you can proceed to print.

5. Give Out Your Invitation

It's time to share your invitations! You can start posting and distributing the content after printing them on high-quality papers. You can send your invitation cards through email or mail for your convenience. And now you can spend a memorable Thanksgiving season!

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