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How to Create a Vintage Invitation in Microsoft Publisher

The retro style, also known as vintage style, is a theme inspired by the earlier years' styles—from clothes, music, lifestyles, and more. This theme is still famous in the modern days, although altered to fit today's fashion style. You can see vintage-designed boutiques, fashions, movies, and even applied in stationery anywhere. Most events use the vintage theme for its aesthetics, especially at weddings or parties. That is why organizers of such events tend to use vintage-themed invitations to match their concept. If you are looking for ideas on how to create one, then might as well check out these tips and steps to help you.

1. Know Your Event

Invitations come in different styles and themes. For you to come up with an invitation card suitable for your event, you will need to plan your concept first. Does your event involve business dinners or a casual gathering with friends and family? Are you doing a wedding or birthday invitations? Figure out who your guests are and the purpose of your event to guide you plan on a concept for your invitation letter.

2. Decide on the Content

Your content depends on the type of event you are holding. Most invitation cards contain the schedule, name of the hosts, name of the activity, the venue, and sometimes they include the dress code. Party invitations are your invitees' access to your events, so make sure you place the necessary details to keep them guided on the day of the activity. You can also put quotes relevant to your occasion.

3. Play with Designs and Typography

Incorporate the design with the vintage theme and concept of your event. Explore using designs and fancy writing fonts that have a retro effect of making your invitation cards look elegant. Most people are busy planning for the perfect occasion that they don't have enough time making their invitation letters. Read-made templates come in handy in situations like this. These printable invitation templates come with editable content and vintage styled backgrounds you can freely use. It is convenient to customize since you can download it any device available for you. Bear in mind that designs add value to your invitations and will also serve as a token for the guests you came to your event.

4. Customize with Microsoft Publisher

Choose Microsoft Publisher as your editing program. The application offers you tools that can help you have a smooth editing process. It is much easier if you have downloaded an invitation template since you will no longer need to create your designs from scratch. You only need to open the file on Publisher, and you can start filling in the information you need for your event. You can add other vital designs you need to finalize, and you can proceed to print.

5. Start Inviting People

Spread the news about your upcoming event! You can begin sending your invitation cards through your invitees' mails after printing them on a high-quality paper. To make it more convenient for you, send your event invitations online via email to save more money and time. Keep in touch with your invitees to tend their concerns and inquiries until the day of your event.

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