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How To Create A Commerical Invoice In Google Docs

To put things in a simple context, a commercial invoice is a comprehensive document bill that contains a proof of the legal transaction between a buyer and a seller. Unlike a receipt wherein the document can only be issued after the payment, the seller only provides an invoice before the actual payment transaction. An invoice is also used to establish the total value of goods for the evaluation of tax and duties, most especially for shipping, export, or delivery of merchandise.

Whether it is for your small business or international shipping use, make sure that you'll make use of a detailed invoice that would secure your agreement transaction. That is why we five steps on how you can actualize comprehensive and useful invoices for your use. Without further ado, let's get things started!

1. Identify What The Purpose Is

A commercial invoice can be utilized in a different transaction. For you to oversee the overall look of your desired invoice, make sure that you'll know it's purpose first. Identify if it is for business, commercial, service, or travel use. Then, carefully outline the overall draft look of your invoice before you digitally layout the document.

2. Make Use Of Google Docs Application

For formal documents such as invoice, making use of editing software that would layout and outlines your form is a vital one. With this, we highly suggest making use of Google Docs for your layout process. Google Docs app specializes in formal document layouts such as letters, receipts, and invoices. Unlike other Word applications, Google Docs can be accessed in your available browser. That is why, if you want to edit and share your files in a rush, Google Docs can give you that best features.

3. Integrate A Brand Design

As a form of a formal document, it is understandable that the design should be blank and minimal. However, that doesn't mean that you don't have to incorporate creativity upon designing it, most especially, if it for business use. As much as possible, integrate the brand style of your company to your invoice. Start it by choosing the color scheme and design objects such as a company logo or label.

4. Digitally Outline The Invoice

With the use of the Google Docs app, start your invoice layout by inserting the elements that are vital to your invoice document sheet. Begin it by adding the business or company name at the top of the document. Then, include the company contact information such as email address, physical address, and contact number. Afterward, garner an ample space in your layout for the recipient info and invoice number. Lastly, provide a five-column table for services, quantity, hours, rate, and subtotal (with a grand total below).

5. Use Our Pre-Made Invoice Templates

To make things easy and convenient for your purpose, you can make use of our available invoice templates. We offer to you a series of invoice templates such as Furniture Invoice Template, Travel Invoice Templates, Payment Invoice Templates, and many more. We guarantee you a high-quality finish so take time browsing on them above!

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