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    How To Make A Document

    A document is a record capturing an event or thing in order not to lose the information. Usually, a document is written, but can also be made with images and sound. Documents are tools to communicate, transact business, and evaluate its productivity. These documents vary from short email messages to complicated legal contracts. Below are easy steps to make a document effectively. Here's how!

    1. Identify the Document's Purpose

    You must first understand the purpose of writing a document. There are many types of documents, but they are either intended to inform or convince. It may be intended to describe a technical process, share background data, or show progress on a project report. Ensure that your company document obviously expresses its goal to the reader.

    2. Identify your Audience

    Evaluating your audience would be the second significant factor. Can they know what you're talking about? Are there distinct reader levels that are going to read the document? It is essential to know your audience to guide them to your writing. Take into account whether the tone of your document suits your audience.

    3. Decide for a Format

    For paragraphs in a company document, the most prevalent graphic format is the block format in which the start of a sentence is not indented. Instead, the whole section is single-spaced as well as left-justified, meaning that it is aligned with the left margin of the paper. You can also utilize a modified block format or full block format depending on the type of document you are creating. 

    4. Avoid Using Jargons

    Using all kinds of technical jargon and swanky acronyms to fill your document could perhaps make you feel trained and well educated. But it is just cluttering your document. Even though you are confident that your document will be used internally within your office, staying away from too much jargon is still intelligent. In the long run, it's always safer to say what you mean in a specific and simple manner.

    5.  Keep it Brief and Concise

    According to an analysis, the attention span of an average human is only eight seconds. Do you have any opportunity in eight seconds or less to make your document fully digestible? Perhaps not. But, even so, you must make it your objective to maintain things as brief as possible when providing all the data you need. Remember to make an attempt in making your document simple to skim. If possible, use short paragraphs, headers, and bullet points. The more structured and easy it is to look at, the simpler it is to grab the attention of people.

    6. Make Sure your Document Appears Professional

    Regardless of how good your document's quality maybe, if it doesn't look professional, it will be easily missed. Keep in mind that your audience will first observe how it is laid out on paper. First impression is indeed important.  

    7. Use Google Docs

    In making your document, you may use Google Docs since you can access the database 24/7 wherever you have an internet connection. Such flexibility is highly helpful, especially for employees who frequently travel and work from mobile phones and tablets. Such accessibility can bring your productivity to the next level.