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How to Make an IT Professional Resume in Word(DOC)?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a significant number of high-paying and fast-growing information technology (IT) jobs are in high demand. Technology and computers have reached almost all aspects of life in this generation. And because of this, nearly every industry has an IT professional to provide support to its wide range of computer systems. Not anyone can be an IT professional. The applicant should meet the requirements to become one. What better way to prove to prospective employers that you are the perfect person for the position and landing that interview than submitting an IT professional resume. The resume plays a significant role in a job application. Here are simple steps to help you out in your resume writing:

1. Write Personal Information

Your professional resume is an instrument you use to market yourself to your prospective employer. Therefore, any vital information about you should be written on your resume. The most important information that should not be left out on your resume is your contact information. Recruiters can easily reach you whenever they have any questions, clarifications, or other agenda with you. Create a checklist of what details you need to add to the resume for a better impression. Keep in mind, don't share too much personal information. Just include details that you believe are essential to the recruitment and hiring process.

2. List Experience and Achievements

Another essential element in a modern resume is your work experience. If you are an experienced IT professional, your resume needs to present details about your previous work. However, if you are a fresher or an entry-level applicant, you can leave out work experiences and replace it with your internship experience instead. Bear in mind, only include experiences that are relevant and related to the position you are applying. Also, don't forget to mention the achievements you have acquired that you think will impress prospective employers and make you stand out from other job seekers. If you are to apply for a higher post, you can add some business or software plans for the particular company to succeed to create the best first impression. However, only mention achievements that are relevant to the IT professional position.

3. Include Skills Fit for the Job

Mentioning your skills on your simple resume is an excellent opportunity to present to them what you can offer their company. Since you are applying for an IT position, write your technical skills like web and graphic designing, sales and marketing, etc.. If you are applying for multiple companies, you might want to tailor your skills section for a particular company. Take the time to read your prospective employer's job description and take out skills you are sure you possess and write it on your resume. Limit your skills with 8 as a minimum number and 25 as maximum.

4. Incorporate Essentials

There are sections in your IT professional resume that should be left out. And there are some that you can. It is your choice if you want to leave them out or include them on your resume. These items are your photo, summary statement, career objective, and references. Some companies would want you to include your references on your resume. So be sure to include that if needed.

5. Complement with a Cover Letter

Consider submitting a cover or application letter along with your resume. This will let you demonstrate to your utmost interest to work for in the company and in that vacant position. Through the cover letter, you can showcase your personality and background. Make sure that the information you have written on your cover letter matches your resume.

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