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How to Create IT Company Brochures in MS Word(DOC)?

The US leads all countries when it comes to technology innovation. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, between 2006 and 2016, the US digital economy recorded an annual average rate of 5.6%, which accounted for 6.5% of the current dollar GDP. This industry is expected to continuously grow as the year pass by and would likely reach $5.2 trillion globally in 2020, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

This fast-paced trend in the information technology and global communications sector heavily favors tech companies, business owners. And one of the proven and tested ways that can help them make a profit out of it is by utilizing print materials like brochures as a part of their marketing strategy. Provided below is a list of steps on how you can make one in MS Word.

1. Set a Strategy Plan

Start your brochure making with a strategic business plan. It should include a final design framework for your corporate brochure and the tone you want to use in your content. Make sure that you finalize this step before you proceed to the succeeding ones because this will serve as your basis and standard in achieving the look you want for your brochure. Follow and apply it thoroughly.

2. Develop Its Content

Once you're done with your planning, you should now focus on its content. In creating it, consider first the format that you want to use in your company brochure. If you prefer trifold brochures, then you're given six panels of blank spaces that you need to fill up with details. Create its content with the best interest of your customers. Make sure to include the benefits that they can get if they transact with your business.

3. Create Unique Branding

You're now halfway through with your brochure making. Next, conceptualize a creative branding for it. This element is the one responsible for building credibility and enhancing visibility for your company. Make sure that it best represents the company profile of the business. Software companies, for instance, should develop logo and stationery brandings with tech gadget graphics in it to keep their customers engage with their business.

4. Insert Visuals

Don't get too focused on the company branding and content of your brochure. Its visuals and print design also play an integral role in its effectivity in the market. Incorporate relevant vector images only in your brochure to avoid confusing your clients. Go with visuals that directly convey what you want to say to your clients. You may tweak some part of the geometrical shape designs of your brochure if you're having a hard time fitting in your visuals.

5. Coherence Is Important!

Go through your IT company brochure and check if coherence and balance are present all throughout. This step is one of the most crucial parts of your brochure making. If it's present in your marketing material, rest assured that you have created a functional print material. But if not, then expect that your marketing material will not be able to deliver its purpose.

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