Job Proposal Google Docs Templates

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  • Applicants undergo a lot during the employment process before they get accepted. Some get taken in the company, while others fail. Reality can be cruel and rewarding at times, and that's how it goes for everyone living on this very Earth. If you plan on creating an outline for your future employees to fulfill in their new position, whether it be a construction company, healthcare facility, or corporate industry, then we got something for you to get you started in that process. We were hoping you could try our ready-made Job Proposal Templates. They are 100% customizable, easy to edit, printable, and professionally written so that you won't have a difficult time creating one from scratch. Download our ready-made templates today!

    How to Create a Job Proposal in Google Docs

    Now before we get started in creating your employee's professional proposal, we must understand the process that got them to where they are today. They initially started as applicants, and it's either they found your job offer online or through a friend as a referral. They then to proceed in submitting their resume and cover letter altogether via email and hope for the approval of your human resource department's judgment. If you are a very detailed manager, then you fit this statistic stated on the TopResume, saying that 7% of employees with a professionally written resume receive a boost on their earnings as soon as they get hired by the company. If you are one to give open opportunities for your employees, then we would like to provide you with these steps on creating a job proposal that will boost the morale of your employees as soon as they start working for you and your establishment.

    1. Write Up An Introduction

    Before you go straight to the point towards your new employees, we ask you to write a quick introduction to your company and its primary purpose to society in your sample letter. You don't have to go too long with your message on the opening. Keep it brief, simple, and straightforward for your employees to quickly understand what they got themselves into the moment they got hired by you to work for your organization. 

    2. Give A Brief Summary

    After providing your introduction about your company to your employees on your sample proposal, it's time to give a brief and straight job summary of the employee's new position in the company. You want to keep it simple and make it serve as a refresher for the employees that trained for that particular job position recommended for your company. Don't worry, if you want to elaborate on the expectations you wish your employees to fulfill as they work in your company, you may do that for the next step.

    3. Establish Your Employee's Responsibilities

    It's time to get your sample checklist ready for this step because it's time to list down your employee's duties and responsibilities based on the position given to them in your company. Always remember to list the most important task on top to ensure they follow it heartedly as they work in your establishment. The other obligations may follow, and regardless of the responsibilities written, it is always obligatory for the employee to follow what the company expects them to do if they wish to keep their job.

    4. List Down The Perks

    After elaborating to your employees on the tasks requested for them to perform in your establishment, it's time you give them the perks of their position written on your simple proposal. Those perks may depend on what you can offer them as they stay and offer their services in your company. You want to be a fair leader to your employees. Good leadership will attract more applicants to work for your company in the process.

    5. Review and Begin

    After finishing everything required for your employee's proposal format, we advise reviewing your work before giving it out to your new employee. You might miss out on some crucial factors, which may result in some possible complications as soon as your employee starts working on the first day and onwards. However, if you didn't miss out on anything, then you are good to go, and may you wish your employees the best of luck after receiving their job proposals.