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How to Make a Lawyer Resume in Apple Pages

According to a recent study done in July 2019, with a median salary of around $121,000, lawyers certainly make a lot. This is an estimate, however, and it varies from lawyer to lawyer depending on the type of law they practice. If you wish to go further in your career, you'll have to make your resume stand out and get into the most impressive law firms to make it big. If you are having challenges in getting started, then continue reading for some tips:

1. State Your Credentials

It is important to present your credentials in order to show the hiring manager that you are qualified for the job. So make sure to include all of them, including your educational background (such as the law school you’ve graduated in), experiences, certifications, licenses, and other relevant legal skills with corresponding documentation. It will certainly give you an advantage among those who applied for the same position as you did.

2. State Your Skills

In order to get to the law firm of your dreams, you’ll need to have the stuff for it. Include both your technical and soft skills as an employee in order to showcase your qualities. Make sure they are relevant to the job you are applying for. If you are a law graduate, then list out the things you did and experienced during law school. And if this isn’t your first time applying for a job, you can include relevant experiences from your previous jobs as well. This will surely convince the hiring manager to consider you for employment.

3. Keeping It Professional

The legal world isn’t very showy compared to other working communities as it is a corporate setting after all. So avoid adding any stylish designs to your resume. Try to make it look like the standard and professional format. If you wish to add anything though, then perhaps you may add the colors of the law firm you intend to apply to. Just keep it simple. Make sure your writing is also professional, meaning avoid using slang and use terminologies when necessary.

4. Organize Your CV

Whether you’re applying as an attorney, a law professor, or junior lawyer, the way your resume is organized is key to the application process. Place all your professional information into categories so that the hiring manager can easily identify whatever information they need to know to see whether you make the cut. Make sure to align them properly so that sentences and texts won’t be all over the place, because doing so will make it look messy and turn the reader off. Once it's done, proofread your resume for any mistakes just in case.

5. Connections in Law

Knowing the right person or being affiliated with the right group can get you so far in the corporate setting of law. If you are fresh off law school, you may add your law professors and mentors so that they can vouch for you to any employer. And if you’re an experienced worker, you may add your manager and coworkers to your reference list as well. If you personally know any other professionals in law, you may also add them in order to get an advantage. Make sure to ask them permission before you add their contact details.

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