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How To Create a Lawyer Resume in Microsoft Word

When making your resume, it is important to cater to law firms as they have their way of hiring employees. It has become quite competitive in the job hunt to get into law as, according to Boston College Law, about 91.2% of the class of 2018 have already found employment.

Be sure to make it professional and easy to read through. No hiring employer wants to look through a CV filled with lots of writing, so try to keep your resume short, concise, and informative. So to get started, you may check sample CVs online or check these tips on how to make a lawyer resume.

1. Update your Contact Information

As you’re writing your resume, be sure to place the current information on your CV. People who update their CV tend to forget about this. One other important tip is the placement of your contact details. It is helpful if you place them right next to your name so that the interviewer has no trouble contacting you. Make the font readable and big enough to be seen. On that note, it will be more advantageous for you if you forgo using your personal email, and make a professional email in your endeavor to apply in a law firm.

2. Organize your Info

When making your resume, make sure the details are all organized adequately so that it will be easy for potential employers to look through your CV. Make sure to align them properly, so that sentences and texts won’t be all over the place, because doing so will make it look messy and visually unappealing to read. List all the information into categories, so that those who read it can find the relevant information right away.

3. Choose a Readable Font

You’ll never know who will end up looking through your CV when you are out job hunting. Don’t make it too huge as it can look unprofessional, and don’t make it too small that one has to look at the resume a little closer. Choose a font that everyone can easily read. Avoid using fonts that are funny-looking as well as make your resume appear unprofessional. Stick to the usual fonts like Arial or even Verdana.

4. Add Relevant Jobs

To make yourself more appealing as an employee for a law firm, list out relevant jobs and work experiences that can be applied for your job at a law firm. If you’ve worked a few gigs in between, there is no need to include them, as they won’t factor into your job at the law firm. For example, if you worked previously as a former consultant or in a real estate firm, you can list them out as the experiences on those jobs can be carried over when doing work in law.

5. Add a Reference List

Connections in the world of law are very important. You can go so far just by knowing the right people when in the legal industry. If you know somebody else within the law profession such as city attorneys or legal secretaries, you can add them to your reference so that they can vouch for you to potential employers. This can give you an advantage in getting hired in the law firm of your choice.

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