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How to Create Complaint Letters in Apple Pages

A complaint letter or a letter of complaint is a type of document filed and sent to address issues like wrongdoings, offenses, grievances, and other resentment issues arising from poor service and poor-quality products. If you want to vent out and raise your concern, you have to learn to write an effective as well as a formal letter of complaint. 

Complaint letters can be of any type depending on the reasons. But in most business transactions, generally, we can categorize this type of letter into two: personal complaint letter and professional complaint letter. Although they sound the same, they differ mainly on the purpose. 

Get to create your own personal and professional complaint letter through our ready-made complaint letter templates in Apple Pages. In your MacBook, these letter templates are easy to edit and customize to better suit your purpose. Consider the tips provided below to start out.

1. State Your Reasons Clearly and Concisely

Sometimes, it’s hard to compose ourselves when we’re mad. Don’t let your emotions take over that it seems like you're rushing to settle the issues. Despite the pressure of resolving the problem and the pain it causes, you have to be reasonable, clear, and concise with your words and actions. You can keep the letter short so long as it understandably explains your concerns. Like other job-related letters you send in the application, your complaint letter must also be created formally and professionally. 

If it’s all about a bad product or a bad service, try to explain them clearly first and what are the problems that you encounter. Be sure to stay professional in inviting them to dialogue or in dealing with the situation.

2. Keep Calm and Stay Reasonable

Sometimes, we send our letter of complaint to people who are not directly involved with the problem. Don’t write it in an angry, sarcastic, or threatening manner. Simply state exactly what are the problems, and what are the things that need to be agreed upon and settled by both parties. Keep in mind that they’re willing to help you resolve the problem, so you might as well stick to the issue at hand.

3. Don’t Lose the Important Documents

When you send a complaint letter about product labels and services, for example, attach copies of your receipts and other relevant documents. You can also add copies of emails that may serve as evidence. 

In sending these documents, do not include the original ones. You have to keep them safe and secure with you. You might be needing them in the future. 

4. Choose Your Template

From our wide list of sample complaint letter templates, try to explore and download the ones that better suit your reasons. These templates can help you save your time in writing a complaint letter from scratch. Download as many sample letters as you need, and save them on your MacBook. 

5. Customize and Send Your Letter of Complaint

Each template on our website comes with preformatted content that is professionally made such as print and stationery templates. The content can also be easily edited in Apple Pages and other file formats. Try customizing them if you need to change inappropriate details. 

When you’re done, you’re now ready to send your formal letter of complaint to a service provider, an employee, a customer, or a consumer.