With the advancement of technology, almost everything has a counterpart digital format. But, letters remain to be a staple in everyday communication. Especially in professional business settings, physical copies of resignation letters, recommendation letters, and letters of intent are necessary. And if you need to make one, we offer a vast selection ready-made letter templates that can help your any need. Our letter templates are ready-made and fully customizable in all versions of Apple Pages. Our printable templates are perfect for personal or commercial printing. Get ahold of our printable letter templates now and jumpstart your letter writing process. 

How to Create a Letter in Apple Pages?

Letters can be both formal and informal. Formal letters are common in business communication and can take up many forms, such as memorandums and notices. It is also common in the recruitment process, as seen in letters of intent and employment status notices. On the other hand, love letters are more informal because it focuses more on the emotion of the message rather than on the technical features.

1. Determine Purpose

Letters have varied formats based on their utility. The use also affects the formality of the language it uses. Business letters are straightforward and direct. The opening statements directly present the intention and the necessary details. Reference letters serve as supplementary documents to display additional information and back up your listed skills and work ethic. These letters require a formal and proper language. On the other hand, you can also send messages to your long-distance loved ones during the holidays. You can send your regards and well wishes to them during the Christmas season.

2. Create a Draft

Letters contain a bulk of information. The best way to come up with an organized and cohesive idea is to start with a rough draft. Having an outline can help you decide what ideas to include and where to place them in the body of the text. A raw copy of your document is also ideal in making sure that all the necessary details are written down. Aside from collecting all the details, it is also a great avenue to follow the technicalities for formal letters. Having a draft and an outline is especially helpful in writing down project proposal letters which have several essential elements.

3. Use Appropriate Salutations

Salutations set the mood and voice of your letter. Business letters make use of formal greetings such as Dear followed by the family name. Another proper way of addressing someone if you are not sure of their name is to use their position of the company. On the other end of the spectrum, letters sent to loved ones such as to grandparents can open with sweet endearments. You can start with a Hi or a Hello. Closing the letters also follow the same principle. Endearing notes may end with a Yours truly or Sincerely.

4. Include Letterheads

Business letters regarding deals, proposals, and investments have clear letterheads, which consist of the logo and name of the company. Letterheads also contain the contact information of the company, such as the direct contact number and office address. Including letterheads gives off the idea that the company has standardized their letters. It also adds a formal theme to the message.

5. Double-Check

Errors do not have a place in any print materials, most notably for formal letters that are crucial in business communication. Wrong details in request letters may affect the company significantly. Additionally, erroneous messages can also cause misunderstanding between the sender and receiver that can delay the process instead of making it faster. Typographical errors even leave an impression that drafting the letter was rushed, and was created with minimal attention to the process.

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