How To Make Friendly Letters in Google Docs?

Letters can be done either a formal or informal way depending on the nature of communication and the person being addressed. Letters that are written in personal fashion are likely informal and letters that state about corporate transactions are samples of a business letter. Seemingly, a letter comprises three parts, introduction, body, and the closing typically ended with best regards from the sender.

Friendly letters may be outdated and old-fashioned, but lapses are still present. To mention, the unfamiliarity of the writer to the basic letter pattern and format and the choice of detail inclusion and exclusion are the samples. If you have a developed plan for reconciliation, better know the basics of letter writing first. Gladly, we provided here some of the pointers to remember. Read on.

1.Begin With The Address and Date

If you are sending a letter to your high school pal, mind to include your recent address for him/her to be informed in case you moved from your previous abode. This is also necessary especially when he/she likes to respond to your letter.

On the other hand, written documents such as friendly letters are useful in business transactions. If you want to send a letter to your customer about his/her payment remainder, you can compose one that is light and not offensive to the receiver.

2. Do Good With Your Salutation

If you are writing a letter slightly in a formal style, you can use 'Dear', then include the name right after it. Using this salutation is appropriate to use to an acquaintance or when writing a corporate transaction. Furthermore, if you're addressing a letter in a more casual tone, you can simply use 'Hi' or 'Hello' to address the receiver. Just remember to use a comma right after the salutation.

3. Start With The Introductory Paragraph

Compose at least three to four sentences for this part. Clearly present your purpose of writing and encourage the reader to read further. For example, if you are writing a Thank You letter, start it with why you're thankful.

4. Proceed To The Body

The body of the letter explains the introduction wherein more details are added to completely deliver the thought of writing it. The details here are more specific than the previous paragraphs. This explains what comprises the idea presented in the introductory part.

5. Drop The Best Conclusion

Synthesize your views about the topic being discussed in the letter you are writing. This is the time to leave a positive note to the reader about the subject. Make sure that the conclusion is rightfully appealing in a way that addresses the topic. For instance, emotional praise is inputted to a friendly written letter and a strict commentary for analytical reports.

6.Customize Our Template Using Google Docs

If you want to save some of your time, instantly download the letter template that you need here on We have here a variety of letters that you can customize according to your purpose. Right after that, edit it using Google Docs. This program is accessible online and is easy to use in editing documents. You can just save it if sooner you'll likely send it to whoever you address it.

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