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How to Create Offer Letters In Google Docs

An offer letter is a formal document often sent out by a company's hiring personnel to a potential employee that states some key terms about potential-hires employment to the company. Some of the following key terms stated in an offer letter are the position/title, name of immediate head, work schedule, list of duties, compensation, benefits, and other contingencies. A prospect employee may respond to these letters in two ways; he/she may respond it with acceptance by immediately signing it and sending it back as a matter of formal receipt, or possibly decline it by sending back a job offer rejection letter.

Now that you already have an idea of what an offer letter is all about, make full use of them by also learning how to make one. To better help you, we have provided some helpful guide tips below on how you can effectively create and develop them. Read and apply them rigorously.

1. Extend The Offer Verbally First

Offer letters are typically sent out through email because it is a more convenient way to communicate job details quickly. But before you hit that send button right now, make things more exciting by calling the candidate first to deliver the good news. Tell them that the company is very excited to work with them, and if the potential-hire showcases interest in this verbal offer, let them know to expect a legal document copy of the job offer letter right after the call.

2. Think Of A Catchy Subject Line

Next, you must now think of an idea on how should you begin your offer letter. Start with your subject line, construct a subject line that is catchy and informative. This is the first line of text that the reader would read and notice in a letter regardless of whether its a job application letter or an offer letter in particular, which is why in this part alone you need to clearly state that you're offering the candidate a position together with the name of the company.

3. Provide Helpful Documents

Along with sending out offer letters to potential hires are the different counteroffer queries and salary negotiations that come with it. So to avoid that from happening, you have to supply and provide them with helpful documents that may help them finalize their decision. For example, you may include company policies, benefits information, compensation plans, or other useful documents that the employee might need for reference.

4. Make Use of Editable Templates

To help you achieve a formal looking offer letter, then looking for a ready-made template can be a good option. With templates, you don't have to worry anything about whether you are using the appropriate fonts and formats. All you have to do is edit the details out which you think are not necessary for an offer letter and retain details that are helpful. Check out some of our real estate, construction, or promotion letters that we have curated above.

5. Edit It Out In Google Docs

Fully maximize your chosen template by customizing it in Google Docs, this is the best editing tool that you can use especially in text-based documents like offer letters because it has all the powerful tools that will help you create them effectively. Whether it's an appointment letter or a business purchase offer letter, Google Docs can greatly help you with that!

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