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How to Create a Marketing Plan in Apple Keynote

A marketing plan is a report describing your marketing strategy for the year, quarter or month to come. A successful marketing plan will enable you to reach the intended audience, increase your client base, and eventually boost your profit margins. It is useful when you are seeking financial support and allows you to set realistic, clear, and achievable goals for your company.

Crafting your marketing plan can be done in any software application and Apple Keynote can be a helpful one. According to an online article, Keynote has an elegant design and some helpful built-in templates. The templates provide a creative dynamic for presentations. The software features attractive themes, exciting effects of graphics, and smooth transitions. Also, Keynote has the capacity to produce professional and quality presentations. The program enables people to export presentations easily. Keynote is also media-based, presenting simple of sound, picture, and video integration. Even with iPads, iPods, and iPhones, the program provides fast and efficient integration.

In this short guide, we will present some helpful tips to create an effective marketing plan.

1. Write a Short Executive Summary

First off, you need to craft a short and simple executive summary. A well-written executive summary is among the effective ways to get individuals excited about reading your marketing plan. This outlines the company name, location, and the company's mission statement. It also introduces the company goals, marketing success, long term goals, and other relevant contextual facts. Keep your executive summary concise and direct to the point. It is best to write three to four paragraphs.

2. Determine your Marketing Goals

A marketing plan would not be complete without having a list of marketing goals. Take your time drafting marketing goals that you think are helpful for the improvement of your business. Assess what do you want your marketing plan to achieve. For instance, you are expecting to increase your products and services in sales by 15 percent per month. Takedown notes and have a SMART which stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely goals.

3. Know your Target Audience

Next is you need to describe your possible target audience. An online article states that you can define them in terms of demographics (age, sex, family composition, earnings, geographic location as well as lifestyle). Communication is important to connect with your audience. You can ask yourself the following: Are my customers conservative or innovative? Leaders or followers? Timid or aggressive? Traditional or modern? Introverted or extroverted? How often do they purchase what I offer? In what quantity? Analyzing these questions will help you get connected with your prospects.

4. Plan for a Marketing Strategy

According to a business article, strategic planning is a concept that comprises marketing, advertisement, revenues, and monetary objectives and is primarily about creating company objectives. To have a strategic business plan assumes to have plans in place to deal with both anticipated and unexpected circumstances. Having an outline for your marketing strategy will serve as your guide in every business decision-making.

5. Plan for your Marketing Budget

Budget is crucial in planning your marketing. You have to allocate enough percentage of expected total revenues to your annual marketing budget. Depending as to how many individual expenditures you have, this budget should be classified on what you specifically spend on.

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