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What Is a Pitch Deck Presentation?

A Pitch Deck Presentation is a concise presentation about your products, services, and company's branding. It is usually presented among stakeholders, potential customers, the board of directors, and business partners. Possible platforms you can use for your presentations are Microsoft Powerpoint, Prezi, and Apple Keynote. One helpful tip in making presentations is to keep your images plenty and your text minimal. Your audience will not be interested in a wordy presentation.

The majority of individuals struggle with creating a modern pitch deck presentation and public speaking. Most of them would admit that they are more confident in making a presentation (77%) than delivering it in front of an audience (68%). To improve your public speaking skills, familiarize your presentation and practice in front of a mirror. This way, you'll be able to see what you'll look like in the audience.

How to Create a Pitch Deck Presentation

To be able to provide a short yet effective presentation, read through our suggestions below.

1. Put Your Audience First

Just like any other marketing or advertising tool, it pays to prioritize your audience first. For example, if you are planning on establishing a business that would attract both students and working individuals, you should create a creative pitch deck that matches this audience. This is because coffee shops are where they spend their time working or studying; therefore, it would be wise to create a presentation that showcases a coffee house vibe.

2. Focus on Problem and Offer a Solution

Identify what problems your customers are currently facing and offer a solution. This makes you more relatable to them. For example, coffee shops are imposing a time limit for the students and working individuals to accommodate other customers. What you can propose is to offer a study area in your coffee shop—for an additional fee, of course. Students and workers would not mind the extra charge as long as they are provided a studying/working area. Include all this information in your presentation slides to make it more credible and engaging.

3. Exert Effort in Making Your Presentation

91% of people will feel confident if their business presentation is created beautifully. Be creative. Not only does it make you confident, but it makes your audience interested in what you have to say. Pique their interest by providing pictures and make sure these pictures are non-generic.

4. Take Pride in What You Can Offer

You have to exude enthusiasm and glee when presenting. You have to show them that you know what you are saying. Your apparent interest and unrelenting commitment are contagious. Your audience will not be interested in what you have to tell if you are not. Study different oral presentation tips until you master them.

5. Don't Beat Around the Bush

Do not beat around the bush when making a pitch deck presentation. Within the first few slides, provide the purpose of your performance, such as statistics and related valuable information. Don't make your audience wait for a few slides before stating the purpose.

6. Be Realistic

When you become too invested in wooing your investors, you become exaggerated. Try to stay on track by being realistic. Your investors will still ask for proof for every statement you claim to be true. In the beginning, be as transparent as possible in your marketing presentations.

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