A quote from H.L. Mencken says, "In war, the heroes always outnumber the soldiers ten to one." A hero is someone who is selfless and is willing to risk his life for his country. But the fallen heroes don't deserve to be forgotten. That's why we always celebrate Memorial Day every year. Let's celebrate this federal holiday together with more people. Let's get there by using flyers. For that, you can choose from this beautiful collection of Ready-Made Memorial Day Flyer Templates in Apple Pages. These are available in (US) 8.5×11 inches + Bleed. These have CYMK color with 300 DPI resolution. These are 100% customizable and printable. Download now and acknowledge the sacrificed lives for our liberty and peace! 

How to Create a Memorial Day Flyer in Apple(MAC) Pages?

The History website says that around 620,000 soldiers died during the Civil War, both from North America and South America. This sad fact introduced people to Decoration Day or also what we call now as Memorial Day. Since Americans have been accustomed to this holiday, sometimes they forget its heroic origins. But we shouldn't. You can celebrate this time by remembering those courageous soldiers with other people. You can invite them to celebrations through holiday flyers! If you don't have one at this moment, you can check out the steps below and make one:

1. Make It Enticing

Your flyer needs to catch the attention of people. It should be your first priority. Always make sure that your flyer looks amazing, even from afar. Your minimal flyer should promote and advertise your event to people. It should appear inviting and enticing so that people will like it. This can make people excited to attend the event.

2. Decorate It with Memorial Day Symbols

The event flyer design is essential so that people can identify the upcoming event. Since it's a Memorial Day event, your designs should have something to do with it. There are a lot of things that can symbolize the event. You can add the American flag because this can represent the love for the country. You can also put stars, soldiers, and other things that people are familiar with. Another thing, aside from the symbolism, you can also add other things that can represent your event. This way, you don't limit yourself by only choosing symbols.

3. Glaze It with Colors

Turn your flyer better-looking by adding colors. Colors are vital because they are one of the elements that can grab people's attention. To make your modern flyer more appropriate and connected to the event, you can choose the color scheme for this holiday. You can use patriotic colors like blue, white, and red. You can also apply these colors on an Independence Day flyer or Labor Day flyer.

4. Insert a Call to Action

A call to action deals with influencing your target audience to attend your event. All you need is to play with words. As a tip, you can start with a verb. This way, people can feel the obligation to attend. Also, don't forget that a call to action doesn't need to be lengthy. All you need is a single phrase that sounds inviting and enticing on your simple commercial flyer.

5. Select Clear Typographies

Your choice of typography can make your flyer better. Typographies can also affect the readability of the texts on your editable party flyer. So you have to choose typographies that are clear and legible. You can pick different typography for the title of your event. You can also choose another one for the details. But you have to make sure that you don't use too many of these typographies. You can limit your use of these things. This way, your flyer will look organized and not cluttered.

6. Download a Memorial Day Flyer Template

Templates are amazing inventions. They can make things easier for you. All you need to do is to customize the template to fit it to your needs. You can choose one from an array of beautiful company or party flyers above. Then, you can edit it in Apple Pages.

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