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What Is a Mortgage Brochure?

A mortgage brochure is a small document that promotes mortgages. A mortgage is a loan made from the bank or financial institutions to help a client who wishes to buy or refinance a home that can be retaken when properties have unpaid loans. Creating a brochure will inform potential buyers about the benefits of a mortgage making them engage with one. A mortgage brochure is synonymous with a mortgage flyer.

How to Create a Mortgage Brochure

mortgage brochure template

Mortgage advertising needs a medium to be promoted to the public. A brochure is a good medium to use. This commercial communication must be enticing to gain the public's interest and possibly, gain potential buyers.

1. Decide Your Brochure's Fold

Before you put down your information, decide on how you want your commercial brochure to look like. Do you prefer a bifold or a trifold brochure format? Knowing this will give your brochure the element of surprise. Trifold gives you more opportunities to include more bullet points and photos for your brochure while bifold gives you more opportunities to have a bigger eye-catching text and photos for your brochure.

2. Choose Your Audience

The next thing is to choose your audience. Once you know who you are communicating with, identify the language they use and put it into writing. Craft sentences that are eye-catching and can alert your reader about the content of your business brochure. Use words that are easily understandable, communicate with them like how you normally talk to a person.

3. Input Information

Input information that talks about your service in your company brochure. Educate them about mortgages and their benefits, but keep it simple and relatable to them. Elaborate the details if needed, but keep it short and concise. Your readers do not like reading something that is too long and confusing. Instead, put your most important information and limit how much you include. At the same time, tell your readers who you are and how to contact you.

4. Organize Your Brochure

Once everything has been settled, organize your services brochure in the most enticing way possible. You may include illustrations if needed and make your purpose clear. You may ask questions to psychologically stimulate your readers' mind about your service. How can this benefit them? Can this answer their long-term needs? Organize your brochure and keep your readers interested in your topic.

5. Keep Your Designs Simple

As much as you want to design your brochure in the most attractive way possible, don't overcrowd your brochure with so much designs and colors. It's too distracting and confusing to the eyes. You don't want your creative brochure to automatically be thrown to the trash. So keep your designs simple but with a strong impact on your readers' attention. Blend it well on how you have structured your brochure instead.

6. Use Visual Hierarchy

Use visual hierarchy to guide your readers on what to read first and last. Doing this will highlight important details in your brochure. This helps your readers read through your entire message with ease and can help them easily picture out what you are trying to tell them.

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