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What is a Mortgage Broker Flyer?

A mortgage broker flyer is a marketing tool used by licensed brokers in advertising their expertise as a broker, types of services they offer, and any relevant business information related to brokerage business. Using a flyer in advertising your brokerage business is convenient because aside from the fact that it is a printed handout, it is also less costly.

How to Make a Exceptional Mortgage Broker Flyer

According to Andrew Latham in his 2019 Mortgage Industry Study, around 78% of homes in the United States of America are purchased with a mortgage in 2018. The marketing strategists of the leading mortgage companies might have done extra in their marketing campaigns to stand out. In addition, many mortgage broker marketing tools look extremely similar due to the widespread use of free templates online. If you truly want to excel amidst the competition, you would strive to be different starting from your marketing tool. If you opt to use flyers, then try to be exceptional. Here are some guidelines that will help you in making an exceptional mortgage broker template.

1. Use our Pro Mortgage Broker Flyer Template

If you wish to finish something right away, then it is the right time for you to download our templates. You can use our premium flyer template if you want to achieve an exceptional mortgage broker flyer. Refrain from using a free template because there is a huge chance that your competitors have used it too. The content and the design of our template is thoroughly made by the professional writers and graphic designers of our company and was checked by our sharp editors because we only want what's best for you.

2. Put a Witty Headline

The headline of your simple flyer is one of the first thing that a reader will notice. A good headline encourages the reader to continue reading the rest of your ad copy. You and your marketing team can have a brainstorming, so you can form a good and witty marketing headline. Furthermore, use typefaces that are not too extravagant—the simpler it is, the better.

3. Deal with the Content

You are not writing an essay, you are writing a content for your sample flyer, therefore do not overdo everything. Having negative spaces in your flyer allows better readability. A huge block of text can easily discourage you reader, except if they are too passionate with it. You can use special formatting such as bullets and italicization in emphasizing a point to your reader. If you are having a special offer, then you can have it written in a clear and concise way. Remember, a flyer is just a tool and it doesn't have to be too detailed—the mortgage agents will do the talking anyway. Moreover, please specify your company's contact information at the bottom part of your flyer, so the interested clients will know how to reach you.

4. Use Relevant Photos

Make sure to utilize pictures that are appropriate to the type of service or packages you cater. If you are making a mortgage broker flyer for an apartment sale or real estate, then you can use photos that are relevant to them.

5. Proofread and Print

Mortgage and brokerage industry is a keen business. Part of your role, as a business broker, is to make sure that you are not releasing any marketing tool that has conspicuous mistakes. The credibility of the flyer maker and the company might be questioned with just a minor mistake, so be sure to check everything before printing. You can check it yourself or you can ask an editor to do it for you. In printing, use high quality printers and paper to make your mortgage broker flyer professional looking and presentable.

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