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How to Make Notebook and Journals in Microsoft Word

Spiral, blank, dotted, and ruled notebooks can be a journal if you want to. The key to having your journal using empty notebooks and paper pads is to personalize it. You can transform your notebook to any journal that you need according to the state of your life and goals. If you want to keep track of your contacts, you can make a personal catalog that includes their names, email addresses, and actual contact numbers. Keeping a notebook with contacts is no longer a common practice, but it still practical. 

1. Decide the Use for It

As stated, notebooks and journals have various uses. You can make several at a time to cater to one aspect of your life. If you want to keep track of your dreams at night, you can start a dream journal. You can write down the segments that you remember and a personal interpretation of it. On the other hand, you can also maintain an art journal for your aesthetic needs. You can even start a business planner, which can help in coming up with business proposals and analysis

2. Look for References

Keeping journals is not a new practice among generations. If you have doubts about starting one, you can research how other people do their journals. This method is also useful in making your simple invitation cards. You can figure out what kind of notebooks and pens they use. Additionally, you can also find their creative methods and materials online. If you have plans on keeping one to keep with your college education, looking up online can widen your knowledge of how to start and maintain one.

3. Personalize

Most people keep journals for personal use. Daily journals contain their own experiences and intimate realizations and thoughts which are not for public disclosure. Aside from intimate insights, you can design your notebook journals in any way you like. You can go old school by cutting magazine designs and articles and putting them together. You can unleash and practice your creative side by owning a journal.

4. Update Daily

Journals, to be effective, need to be updated daily. If you have a workout planner, you need to list down your fitness goals and methods to achieve it. You can only keep track of your change by inputting data daily. On the other hand, you can also start a mood tracker. By updating it daily, you can notice the trend of your emotions throughout the month. You may also add short notes on the side to add a personal touch. Your notebook may be flimsy at the beginning of the month; it will be thick and sturdy at the end because of all the components inside.

5. Be Creative

Being creative in making a journal does not only mean creating a beautiful hardcover. It also includes how you organize the contents. Most people use blank notebooks in making a journal, so all the sheets have handmade divisions and headings. You can look up appealing yet simple font styles, dividers, and little doodles that can brighten up your journal. But, being creative depends on your personality. You may want to keep a simple and straightforward notebook because the composition of the input is more critical. Others may want a more visual and colorful journal. It is absolutely up to you.