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What Is a Simple Invitation Card?

A Simple Invitation Card is a card that is distributed to the recipient of a particular event---whether formal or informal. These are designed accordingly to an event's theme. Invitation cards are either sent through an email or in person. Typical activities that require invitation cards are weddings, birthdays, baptism ceremonies, anniversaries, and parties. Over time, variations of invitation cards have been made---such as musical cards, pop-up cards, electronic cards, and printable cards. If you are feeling crafty enough, you can make a DIY or handmade invitation card.

Facebook provides invitations, as well. The recipient's choices are "Going," "Maybe," and "No." Of all the individuals who clicked "Maybe," expect 5% of these people to show up. For the people who chose "Going," 25% of these show up. In summary, Facebook invitations are discouraged because of its uncertainty---it also gives the organizer a tough time estimating the consumables and the chairs to be prepared.

How to Create a Simple Invitation Card?

Your invitation card should be in line with your event's theme. To craft one, go over our suggestions below.

1. Download High-Quality Templates at

For your invitation purposes, download one of's Simple Invitation Card Templates. With a ready-made template, you'll never have to spend so much time designing your cards with a software. All you have to do is download the appropriate model and alter to fit your taste!

2. Provide the Details of Your Event

These are the header, time, date, venue, and contact information (for RSVP). If you want your guests to RSVP you, make sure to indicate it in the RSVP card. To reach the expected number of attendees, send your invitations at least two months early. This is to give your guests time to incorporate your affair into their schedules.

3. Add Imagery and Colors

Add a splash of life by providing imagery and colors to your printable invitation card. Provide only nothing but high-quality images. Your colors should be in tune with your event's theme. For a responsible usage of colors, use a color wheel.

4. Decide on a Focal Point for Your Card

Draw your recipient's eyes into the card by providing a focal point. For example, you may add a large cake or flower right at the heart of your simple invitation card. Strive to make this a center of attention by using bright colors---one that is unique from the rest of the card's colors.

5. Have Fun!

Once you create from the heart, it shows. Enjoy the moment you spend while designing your elegant card. Sure, it gets tiring---but it's nothing compared to the sense of accomplishment you get afterward. Think of all the recipients who will be receiving your card.

6. Print

Once everything has been taken into account, your printable invitation card is now ready to print. If you prefer to print it personally, clean your printer and check your ink levels first. Use at least 14-point card stock for your invitation card for a confident and impressive look.

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