How to Create a Payment Voucher in Microsoft Word (DOC)

Valassis found out that customers who use coupons for purchasing transactions are 90%. In relation, you can also create vouchers for your consumers or clients during a payment transaction with your business, like the 90% of people. And creating a payment voucher doesn't take too much time. You can refer to the tips below to help you start your voucher.

1. Add Branding Elements

Every payment voucher that you make must have the presence of your company's details. These are the branding elements that give identity to your voucher. The consumer will identify where the voucher is from through your company logo and name. Aside from that, you also have to add your contact number, location, and other basic company details.

2. Incorporate Voucher Design

Your voucher doesn't need to be too plain to look formal. You can always add touches of colors and two to three typography to make it less boring. Adding design to your voucher also makes it more attractive to the eyes of your clients. You don't need to excel in designing your voucher to make it beautiful because all you need is little creativity to go a long way.

3. Provide the Voucher Details

After designing your sample voucher, you can now add the details that are necessary to complete it. The most common content you can add is the reference or voucher number, voucher amount, payment method, description, date, payee, etc. Additionally, you have to ensure that your payment format is organized to make it readable.

4. Ensure that the voucher has Minimal Content

Like creating other documents like a salary slip (payslip), receipt voucher, sales receipt, rent receipt, etc., you should make sure that you don't add too much content. Always prioritize the most important information first and check if you still have to add more details or not anymore.

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