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How to Create a Payment Schedule in Microsoft Word

According to Daily Mail, forgetting to pay your bills on the dot can be a sign of Alzheimer's. If you want to avoid making late payments again, then a payment schedule is what you need. It helps you work on your budget, keep your bills and payments organize, and most importantly, it reminds you of your due dates.

Follow the guide below on how you can create a payment schedule in Word.

1. Familiarize Your Due Dates

To make a highly functional payment schedule, you need to familiarize your due dates first. Determine which payment comes first and which payment comes last. Identify the total amount you need to pay and the mode of payment. Put this on a list and write them down in order so it's easy for you to plot the data later on.

2. Form the Timetable

To form the timetable, open Microsoft Word and add a table. And be sure that there are enough rows and columns, and the cells are big enough. Then, put the title up top and insert the labels on the first row. Your labels could include the vendor's name, due date, billing month, payment date, payment amount, and mode of payment.

3. Make Your Final Adjustments

Finally, capitalize your labels and make it bold so it's easy to identify. And, use a color scheme to make it look lively and attractive.

4. Have Both Digital and Printed Copies

Provide both digital and printed copies of your payment schedule. A printed copy for you to post on your wall or provide to a certain someone, and a digital copy for an extra copy and so you can check it on your electronic devices anytime anywhere.

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