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How to Make a Pitch Deck in Apple Keynote

An article from Forbes (a global publication) explains that pitch decks are crucial to gaining funding for business ideas, using slides to provide audiences with brief yet informative overviews. So, whether you need traction for a new company or backing for a creative project, preparing a professional pitch deck is integral.

If you’re creating your slides on Mac, then Apple Keynote is a great application for doing so. Consider reading our tips (below) if you need some guidance.

1. Consider Font Colors

In your pitch deck, your text provides information as well as visual appeal. When deciding on your text color, don’t go overboard with the quantity and stick to just 2 or 3 per slide.

To add a text box, select the Text option in the toolbar. Click the text box to type in your content, click-drag it to reposition, and click-drag the side-handles to resize. Use the Format sidebar to adjust the text’s color, size, etc.

2. Use Charts for Data

Charts are perfect for interpreting data into easily digestible formats—such as timelines. This is useful when condensing all that information into one slide.

Add a chart by selecting the Chart option and then picking a type from the menu. To customize a chart’s data, click the chart before selecting Edit Chart Data and using the Chart Data editor.

3. Incorporate Creative Images

Data can only get you so far when winning support from your audience. Apply interesting and creative images to compel your audience. These can be photos, illustrations, or other visuals that can help your presentation.

Select the Media option before going to Photos and click-dragging your image onto a slide. To edit an image, click it and use the Format sidebar or double-click it for other options.

4. Apply Your Branding

It’s imperative to incorporate design choices that enforce your branding. Apply logos, colors, graphics, and so on that faithfully represent your brand or company.

And now you have a better understanding of creating a pitch deck! Remember what you’ve learned and you’re sure to convey your ideas effectively!


  • How many slides should be in a pitch deck?

      A pitch deck should have less than 20 slides in it.

  • How long should a pitch presentation last?

      When doing a pitch, it should last 20 minutes at most.

  • What are some ways to end a sales pitch?

      Some examples are:

      1. Compelling your audience
      2. Being inspirational
      3. Giving an invitation
  • How many pitch deck designs does Template.net offer?

      Template.net offers over 50 pitch deck designs.

  • Which applications are compatible with Template.net’s pitch deck designs?

      The following are compatible:

      1. Apple Keynote
      2. Microsoft PowerPoint