How to Create a Pitch Deck in MS Powerpoint?

Pitch decks are essential in starting up a business. According to Alejandro Cremades, an author and entrepreneur, these tools are used to gather finances from investors. These materials are also concise, as Cremades further stated that the average number of pages of an impressive presentation is only 19. Pitch decks are straightforward and direct, so you need to make the most out of the time in presenting it to your potential investors.

1. Focus on Essential Data

To have an appealing pitch deck for your investors, make sure to bank on hard data such as statistics and revenue. It is best to include your business' social media engagement statistics and income for the past few months. Showcase its trend and highlight peak months or seasons. Showing these data will make your potential investors start to trust your product or service because it shows that you can deliver even with limited capital. Additionally, these details can also stir their ideas of what you will be able to provide once your production goes big time with the use of their investment.

2. Less on Words, More on Figures

Your future investor or prospect financial agency will be going through a lot of pitch decks, so it is best to make yours easy on the eyes and understandable. Fill your presentation with charts or graphs which effectively states the statistics of your company. You may add descriptions, but make sure that these statements are concise and cover the whole idea. Additionally, lesser words and comments make the presentation cleaner, straightforward, and direct.

3. Showcase your Edge

If you want investors to bank on your restaurant or food truck venture, make sure to highlight your edge over other business proposals with a similar idea as yours. If in case you want to put up your restaurant, feature the distinct impression of your store among all the other established brands in the current market. You can highlight the menu, ambiance, authenticity, or anything that will leave a mark that will eventually land you your sales sponsorship.

4. Make it Engaging

Catch the attention of your client and keep it glued while you talk about your business pitch. Make the presentation engaging by including compelling pictures. You can also add satisfactory reviews and testimonies about your service. These statements are prevalent with modern e-commerce services, where the process of leaving reviews is accessible and transparent.

5. Present the Team

Highlight the team that will focus on the project to further entice the investors. It is crucial to include the pinnacle of their achievements in their field and related educational background, which are in their professional resume. These details will make your investors develop trust and security in your brand. Potential investors will not only look at the idea of your business and its current standing in the marketplace. They will also look at the people who run it, to weigh if the venture will be for the long run.

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