How to Create a Quality Control Flowchart in Google Docs

Every company needs to exceed the expectations of consumers. However, starting a business is crucial. Specific considerations need proper handling. Such as in the production. Winning consumers’ satisfaction needs to keep the services and product quality assured. According to the Harvard Business Review, less or more than 10% of product failure impacts a high fraction of business investment. This explains that even a small proportion of negligence affects the whole business procedure. That is why quality management is imperative for companies to go through.

When targeting to avoid violation in customer expectation, follow the right quality inspection procedure by creating a Quality Control Flowchart in Google Docs. Consider reading through the following steps to be guided.

1. Determine the Company’s Weak Points

For a company to come up with a quality plan, knowing the problem is essential. It may look a little less complicated on the external aspect, but the quality assurance is critical in the manufacturing, food, and pharmaceutical industry. Here, create a list of the company’s shortcomings, struggles, and weak points. These factors help to determine possible actions that respond to these problems.

2. Come Up with an Action

With a list of problems, you have to come up with the appropriate solution. Acknowledging failures and drawbacks helps the company to progress. But first, know which specific procedure needs reassessment. It could either be in the assembly process or management review procedure. Whatever it may be, you have to research further about it. And eventually, you can effectively come up with an action plan to get you into the process. So, you'll have to prepare them beforehand.

3. Clear Out Everything with a Diagram

A flowchart functions as a guide for every employee. So, it’s essential to keep all things clear and understandable. With that, prepare a diagram where you can transfer the process channels. Using Google Docs, choose a document layout. Now, create shapes enough to carry all the tasks needed to be accomplished. Making a process workflow from scratch eventually takes a lot of time. But don’t worry. You can browse for downloadable Ready-Made Quality Control Flowchart Templates from our website. Download the file. And use Google Docs’ basic tools to edit the labels according to the plan.

4. Put the Labels Accurately

The labels inside every shape play a significant role in the quality management procedure of services and products. A failure to place them in sequence ultimately affects the whole process. To avoid this, always recheck its flow. Establish a starting point. Then, supply the list of tasks in between. Now, come up with an endpoint. Don’t forget to attach them individually with a line connector. This enables users to follow the right direction.

5. Review and Implement

Quality assurance also means assuring that the process flow is right. To ensure error-free operation, go through the document. See if there are lapses, confusion, and uncertainty. If so, align the problems with the solutions. Connect all of them with the actions listed on your diagram. Will it work? Recheck and later on print a sample chart. Discuss it with your team. Now, implement a more convenient procedure.

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