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What Is a Quotation?

All businesses are required to give their customers or clients the prices for their services, products, or goods, according to Businesses have a standard set of prices that is similar to every customer unless the business handles or makes personalized goods then it is a different matter depending upon the customer's product or service request. One way to have an idea of a business's price list is by requesting a quotation.

A quotation is a business document that presents a breakdown of service, product, or work estimate prices that a supplier delivers to a client or customer. Sometimes, a quotation is mistaken for an invoice. A commercial invoice is a business document given to the buyer by the seller to get paid for the job while a quotation indicates the seller's service offer to the buyer. Remember the difference when you start making the file!

How to Create Quotations in Pages

1. Be a Patriot! Salute to the Proper Structure!

When dealing with most business reports or documents, you don't need too much imagination or critical thinking to create one. You merely need to follow and obey the proper structure. The key to a professional and effective quotation include the following elements:
a.) Quotation Header - Similar to a service invoice, you must place the company's details (the company name, the logo, and the current address), the contacts (phone number and email address), tax registration number, quotation number and date, payment terms and conditions, and the name of the recipient. It is required to write "Quote" or "Quotation" on the upper left corner or the centermost part of the document.
b.) Quotation Body - A service estimate sheet enumerates the items needed for the plan. You must do the same for the quotation's body. You must present the good's or service's description and the quantity of each item. You must also write down the pricing information of each good or service in the document.
c.) Quotation Footer - In the last part of the document, you must include the total for all the items, tax amount, the validity of the quote, and the customer signature field so the customer can sign for confirmation of the effective list.

2. Use Professional Business-Type Fonts

As with most documents for businesses like marketing agreements or service invoices, you must always use business-type of fonts. How do you consider a font great for a business-type of document or file? Research is the key. Look at business documents, you will see a pattern. Most business documents use non-stocky, non-flowy, or non-curvy fonts like Times New Roman, Garamond, and Bookman Old Style. Most of these are elegant yet technical in how they are presented. Another key factor to these font styles is the fact that they are easy to read. Imagine using a cursive font. Not everyone can easily read that kind of style so such fonts hinder the easy relaying of information to the client. Furthermore, imagine using a stocky font. Your document might lack the necessary space for information too. So do take note of these when looking for a font style to use.

3. Aim for Preciseness and Effectiveness!

When you have finished making the draft for your quotation document, you must always review it. Review it more than once and also ask for advice from those who had made such documents before. Remember, a well-made quotation or any business document for that matter will help you be seen as a professional.

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