How to Create Quotations in Microsoft Publisher

Quotation or sometimes called as "Price Quotation," is a written document provided by the seller towards his/her target customers stating the price and the terms and conditions of the products and services. Quotation and estimates vary from one another. Once the customer accepts the form from the seller, they will automatically conclude a legal business agreement declaring the cost, validity, terms and conditions, the conditions for cancelation, expansion of the contract, and others. So, if you are wondering how to create a valid quotation document for your business, then continue reading down below for we will show you a guide on how to create an efficient one. Let's get you started.

1. Select One of Our Templates

Admit it or not, creating a quotation form will definitely give you a headache. In that case, if you want to lessen your work difficulties, then you may opt to download a document template here on our site. Apart from helping you to save more time, downloading one will make your job simpler as well. We ensure that all our templates are of high quality. Download one now and get ready to be surprised.

2. Download Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher (.pub) is probably one of the most popular web design publishing applications worldwide. For instance, if you downloaded an agency quotation template from our website, we assure you that editing our template will be a piece of cake if you are using Microsoft Publisher. This application offers you a wide range of tools to help you create minimalistic layouts, text, and images. Are you still in doubt? Try to download one and witness it on your own.

3. Indicate the Details and its Terms

Let's say that you are writing a sales quotation for your plumbing industry. In that specific document, you have to state your company's name, contact details, taxpayer identification number, name of the recipient, and the date filled. Don't forget to indicate the official logo of your company for your document to look credible and the signature of both corporate parties to make it legal. Lastly, bear in mind to indicate the period of payment. If any of this information are missed, the result will be ineffective.

4. Check for Errors

If you carefully follow all the above measures, then it is now time for you to check if all of the details are well-written. Proofread your simple quotation document starting from the first sentences down to the last so that you can ensure that it has no mistakes. Just in case there are any mistakes, revise it if necessary. Remember that you are creating a somber and legal document, so it is essential to make sure that it has no errors.

5. Print Out

Once you're done finalizing the content, you may start sending the document via email or social media if you want it to be sent digitally. But if you wish to print your printable quotation template, then feel free to do it as long as the paper stock that you selected are high-quality.

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