Real Estate Report Templates

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  • The real estate market is one of the most promising and fast-growing industries. With proper management, your real estate business can definitely make the cut. But expect a surge of reports that you need to finish on time. To help you with this, we have compiled our ready-made Real Estate Report Templates that are up for grabs. They’re quick to customize using your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Access them with less hassle in different file formats. If you’re looking for a template that will ease up the process of writing reports, our sample templates are for you. Improve your documentation; download now!

    What Is a Real Estate Report?

    A real estate report is a document that comes in various forms. It can be used for showcasing your real estate properties and other information involving your real estate firm. 

    How to Write a Real Estate Report

    In the United States, there are 106,548 real estate firms recorded in 2017 according to the United States Census Bureau. With this highly competitive market, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. And documentation is an essential part of aiming for the success of your real estate firm. We want to help you in the enhancement of your documentation. That being said, we recommend you consider our tips in improving your real estate report. 

    1. Provide Updates About the Industry

    Your audience would want updated information about the recent home prices, industry changes, sales, and other information pertaining to the real estate industry. Start with an executive summary for an overview of your report. 

    2. Highlight Property Listings

    If you have property listings, showcase them in your report to let your buyers know about some attractive deals you have. Provide them the best deals to pique their interest and increase your customer retention. 

    3. Incorporate Survey Results

    Surveys can provide first-hand feedback from clients. When you conduct an email or paper survey, include its result on your report to make investors or clients aware of the perspective of your target market. 

    4. Provide Recommendations

    Recommendations help your target market decide on what type of properties they want to acquire. Add professional suggestions and recommendations to assist your audience in purchasing the best real estate property for them. 

    5. Include Statistics

    To convince your audience that you’re the right firm for them, showcase statistics that depict your success in the past and present. It will be reliable proof that they’ll be in good hands once they choose to make business with you.


  • What is a real estate market report?

      A real estate market report is a monthly report that provides information regarding the local and national real estate market. 

  • What are the main objectives of a real estate report?

      The main objectives of a real estate report are:

      1. To create a strong market position.
      2. To keep the target audience informed.
      3. To attract more buyers.
      4. To connect to the client, investors, and shareholders. 
      5. To establish professional referrals. 

  • What are the best word applications to use for real estate report?

      The choice is yours. There are several word applications that are easy-to-use such as Word, Pages, or even Excel where you can create spreadsheets for numerical data.

  • What are the basic steps in writing a real state report?

      There are five (5) basic steps in writing a real state report. These are:

      1. Identify the main goals and objectives.
      2. Collect relevant information.
      3. Decide on the structure of the report
      4. Include cost analysis.
      5. Proofread.

  • What is the most convenient way of writing a real estate report?

      One of the most convenient ways of writing a real estate report is to use a ready-made template. Other related templates such as inspection checklist, property inspection report, and business plan can also be downloaded on the internet.