Making a written inventory for sales is necessary to keep track of your business, work, consumer-related transactions, and the status or the progress of activities. List and track your budget together with your expense by using our ready-made and downloadable sample sales report templates. These files are well-crafted and professionally made to suit your needs to create that much-needed report. Moreover, they are printable, customizable and easy to use as they come in either of the following file types: Microsoft Word, Excel, Apple Pages, Mac Numbers, Sheets, PDF and Google Docs. Avail now our sample templates for your needs!

What is a Sales Report

A sales report is a daily, weekly, monthly, or annually made document that keeps track of all transactions such as communications with clients, partners, or suppliers. Also, it records all money related matters such as disbursements, purchases, or savings (even more productive using presentable charts). Moreover, it is even a document used to check the status of the commodities in stock.

How to Make an Impressive Sales Report

Getting the sales report right is a must for any business presentation. People should be impressed by both facts and figures. Plus, it must genuinely present accurate details. Here are the following steps to make a reputable sales report.

1. List Important Details to Present

What better way to start making a report document than to think of what to report in the first place? If you are working for a boss, then you might as well listen to what he or she needs to know. If you are left on your own to decide, then think about the important details that people would consider to know. Once, you can already picture it out; it is vital to list them down so as not to get lost when making the report. Make sure that these details count!

2. Plot Out the Flow

Having already the detailed list of what to show, then it is a must to organize the flow. You do not want to confuse your audience or readers by just randomly placing details that do not go together. A good report is like a good story; they must piece up altogether.

3. Have All the Necessary Supporting Documents

It will be a disaster if one makes the report without the supporting documents. Transactions like purchases or disbursements need to have printed receipts, and you cannot just guess the figures. Since you do not want to confuse people, it is also necessary to tell them the reality. Give them a real story!

4. Make the Necessary Visuals

Sales reports are usually flooded with numbers, and it is known that looking at so many numbers bores people. Use a wide variety of visuals to guide your intended audience, whether using tables, pie charts, line graphs, or bar graphs. You can be creative by using different highlighting styles to your data. The same can be said for creative resumes. If they are not visually creative, most of the time they end up being left unnoticed. Again, it is always significant to keep our audience’s attention. Keep them visually entertained!

5. Use Soothing Colors

Too many details most of the time, create an eye soar for your readers. It is helpful that even if you were to give visually appealing presentations, they are also refreshed looking at cool colors. You do not only want them to start reading, but you also need to keep them following. Just imagine the situation where displayed posters are too glaring for the eyes. One would not even dare to continue looking. Keep them looking!

6. Include a Pleasing Cover

Although this is not necessary, a pleasing cover (just like any good book cover) does the trick by catching the readers’ attention. Invite the audience and make them curious to open the report. Your report usually may not be the only document your manager is reading. But make it appear friendly to deserve a spot for his or her attention.

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