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What Is a Customer Service Report?

The customers are the foundation of a business; without them, no business would ever prosper. That's why it is important to give excellent customer service in order to keep the actual customers while expanding the market and attracting more prospects. All forms of businesses, whether big or small, creating at least a monthly client service report will help the business identify what are the things to be improved when it comes to customer service. Whether the business established is a store or through online, service attitude should always be displayed; because if not, clients will forfeit any business with you. A customer service report is a presentation of data from clients' feedback on the quality of service that the company or a store has provided them. These data will then be used to guide the company's stakeholders in their decision-making.

How to Create a Customer Report

customer report template

In order to keep track of the quality of customer service the company gives, read through these five key essential steps in creating a competitive customer service report.

1. Make an Agreement

Before you begin to write a project report or any analysis report to your customer, it's important that you make a sure deal with the means of communicating with your clients. Especially when it's a long-term project, then the customer would most probably demand or expect a monthly phone call, a weekly project summary, project report, analysis report, etc. Just make sure you have the appropriate customer profile before digging into the consumer database.

2. Make a Comprehensive Summary

Most of the business professionals are inevitably busy, which means that they won't/ don't have much time to read the entire report. Therefore, it would be best to write the report in an executive summary report format. Make sure it is clear and concise, but make sure it can stand alone as it effectively communicates every part of the report including facts and figures.

3. Enhance Readability

In addition to writing an executive summary, make sure that your report form is readable by including selected headings and bullet points. If applicable, better include in some bar or pie graphs. This way, you are helping the readers maximize their readability because they're able to grasp all the important details in the report. You're giving them a report, not a novel.

4. Focus on the Information

Since this is called a customer report, then it would be best to keep it as is by indicating just the important details a client needs to know. Also, make sure you are using simple business language. You should never add any unnecessary length to the report like adding side comments or flowery and poetically toned words just to make it appear important.

5. No Inconsistencies, No Errors

Aside from making sure that there are no misspelled words or grammatical errors, your data should also be consistent what is being observed—data accuracy. These are the essential factors to create a well-written business report, which is not only critical for the business but is also a tool for good branding.

6. Write with Personality

Although your sample report should comprehend the culture of your client, you shouldn't also compromise your brand's voice. There is no need to devoid your report with personality while you're writing it professionally. Remember to make the voice of your brand match with its personality and the demands of your customer.

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