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How to Make a Real Estate Sign?

A real estate sign is a form of printed advertising material that a realtor firm can use to promote the property it has to offer. When talking about advertising, a sign is placed within an area for the sake of marketing or promoting something (as mentioned in an article from Britannica). Thus, using a sign is a good idea when you have to inform passersby about available property, from a modern house with a front yard to an elegant landscape surrounded by nature.

Plus, we have cited some tips (below) to help you get started on putting together unique signage for your own marketing needs!

1. Gather a Collection of Visual Assets

If you need to create a sign for bolstering your property’s exposure, then it needs to have an impressive yet professional look to it. So, before actually working on your sign, you should get together several photos and pictures to use. When deciding on what images to prepare, use images of houses, buildings, landscapes, skylines, and/or whatever else that’s relevant to what you’re advertising! Remember to include an image file (with a transparent background) of your company’s logo.

2. Start With a Background

After acquiring your visual material, it’s time to start designing by applying a background first. Open a new document in your chosen application (eg, Photoshop, MS Word, Apple Pages, etc.) and use one of your prepared images as the background. You can have the image cover the entirety of your page or only partially with a blank color of choice taking up the rest. There’s also the option to forego using an image and have a single color to work off of.

3. Making a Simple Yet Sleek Design

Now, you don’t need to be a certified artist to come up with an eyecatching design for your home real estate sign! With the shape tools and coloring options of your editing software, anyone can create simple vector graphics after a bit of tinkering. And don’t forget about the images you’ve saved; adjust the size of your pictures/photos/artwork to use as smaller clips within the sign.

4. Get Creative With Your Dialog

Looks are only part of what makes a good sign--you should also incorporate good writing. The written content shouldn’t only have proper grammar and other fundamentals. If you really want to get a reader’s interest, then some creative taglines and dialog can go a long way. Also, don’t forget to make adjustments to your text so that it’s readable amongst your graphical assets.

If you’d like to get your hands on some editable sign templates for promoting houses, apartments, office buildings, and more, then you’ll like what you’ll see from our Real Estate Sign Templates!

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