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What is a Realtor Flyer?

A realtor flyer is an advertisement for a property to make people buy them. A study in 2017 says that 87% of buyers purchased their properties through a real estate broker.

How to Make an Effective Realtor Flyer?

As a seller, do you want to reach for more potential buyers of a property? Flyers can help you since they are useful for wide distribution. Here are some steps on how to start making realtor flyers:

1. Collect the Information about What You Are Selling

Before you can begin creating a flyer, to get people to buy a property, you need first to know the information about the property. What makes this property salable? What makes this unique? How much is the property? How many rooms are there? Is it an open house? Ask the owners of the property about what you are selling, and with this, you will know your goal.

2. Target Audience

It is essential to have a target market. Who will buy the property? Make sure that you know who these people are. Are you going to sell the property for a family? For a couple? For a single person? It is essential to know who are most likely to buy the property because this can give you a more natural idea to market these people. Don't be too general on this, unless the property you are selling is for everyone. Having a target audience will help you know the strategies that will most likely hook your potential buyers.

3. Design

Designs are beneficial for your flyers since this is one way to attract your buyers. However, you can't add too much design because your flyer might look cheap. Since you are selling properties professionally, you need to keep your designs professional. You can use simple but elegant, creative, and modern-looking designs. Another thing, don't use too much fonts on your simple flyers. Limit them to keep your layout neat.

4. Content

Content is an essential section of your flyer, because with these, your audience will have an idea of what you are trying to sell. Write on your sample flyers the essential details about the property. Remember, don't be too long with your words. Make sure that you are straight to the point. Also, don't forget to use persuasive words to entice your audience.

5. Catchy Phrase

Flyers have to attract your clients. Meaning, you need to use a catchy phrase that will catch their attention and will make them read your flyers more. For your property marketing, create a catchy phrase that will surely make them curious to see and buy your property.

6. Company Details

Make sure that you don't forget to put your information on the flyer. You can put a brief detail about you. Don't forget to include your name, your contact number, and email. This way, your clients will reach you. After making your flyer, make sure that you review it before you print. You would not want an erroneous flyer that will be read by your clients.

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