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How To Create A Report Card In Apple Pages

A report card is a document that holds the information on the performance, ability, and behavior of an employee or a student. It is usually used in schools and is issued four times a year. It is a card where a specific grade equivalent of the person's ability was measured and evaluated. Report cards are distributed in a preschool, elementary school, high school, and workplace. The grades and comments written in a report card are what reflect the character of the person. There are different types of a report card, but, even though it has different types, it still has almost the same key components. Whatever you are tasked to create, is the best site to sought help. Download one of our templates above and read the tips below.

1. Determine The Type Of Report Card

As have mentioned above, there are different types of report cards. The type depends on the purpose; it can be school or work-related kind of card. The school report card contains the achievement and the progress of each student in different academic fields. A work report card is for the monthly attendance and the performance of an employee on their job. Determine which of the two types of report cards you are going to make so that you will be able to come up with the correct content of a report card.

2. Define The Grading Scale

This part is essential for school report cards. In every school report card, it contains a grading system that has a corresponding value in each student's progress in class. The grading scale are sometimes in the form of letters, numbers, or phrases that will describe the ability of the student. For work report cards, it needs a status report of content that will be enough to summarize the employee's work performance. It also contains the daily and weekly attendance of the employee.

3. Look For A Suitable Template

We need to be practical nowadays and find a way to make life hassle-free. That is why ready-made templates are created for busy people like you. To have a quick making of a report card, our templates are the best solution you can come up with. We have report card templates that are suitable for school reports and work reports. You can customize our templates as long as you want. So, branding is not a problem anymore.

4. Input The Grades Appropriately

The corresponding grade of the student and employee is the highlight of a report card. When you insert the grades in each employee or student, be sure that you have entered the grades to its right respondent. To avoid adding to the wrong person, use a checklist, and list the name of the student or employee with their grades before you place it in the report card. Once you are done inserting the grade to the rightful owner, mark it check in the checklist.

5. Finish Everything With Apple Pages

Apple Pages has a lot of benefits that can help a lot in making your report card. It has text formatting, header customization, footer insertion, and lists that can be in bullets. Inserting the logo of your company or school will be easy because Apple Pages will make it easy with its photo and image insertion tools.

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