Your restaurant business needs invoices to your customers. Invoices lessen questions from clients about their payment since these documents present complete information. Additionally, they also prompt your customers to pay on time. You can also use invoices to legally show that you rendered services or delivered the goods to your clients. As you can see, invoices benefit your restaurant business. And to lessen time preparing invoices, pick a template from our trove of ready-made Restaurant Invoice Templates in Microsoft Excel (XLS). These templates are quick to download, access, and edit. These are professionally made, too. What are you waiting for? Download now!

How to Make a Restaurant Invoice in Microsoft Excel

Late payments cost mid-sized and small businesses approximately $3 trillion across the world, according to Sage. Late payers are a hassle for any business, even in your restaurant. So, you have to prepare an invoice for each of your customers so they'll pay you.

To start with that, use the practical tips below to help you create your restaurant invoice.

1. Provide Your Business Details

You have to brand your catering invoice, cake order invoice, or restaurant invoice to make people recognize your business. Your restaurant letterhead for branding also distinguishes your business from other businesses out there. You can usually find letterheads at the top of the invoice document.

2. Write the Customer's Information

The next step in creating your sample invoice is adding your customer's information. Your customer's details help you bill the invoice to the right person. This section must contain the name, address, contact information, and email address. Additionally, don't forget to add the invoice number and the date.

3. Provide a Description of the Services Rendered

List the services or goods to help your customers identify what they should be paying. The simple invoice list must contain a description of the goods or services, prices, quantity, and the total amount. Then, at the bottom part of this section, you must include the subtotal, taxes, discount, other payment, and the total amount.

4. Include the Terms and Conditions

To avoid late payments or disputes, you must establish the terms and conditions of your document. Your document must present the payment terms, payment method, etc.

5. Ensure that It's Readable

You must organize your restaurant invoice format or bill format to make it readable to avoid problems. To organize it, you need to divide it into different sections: company information, customer details, items, etc. Make sure that you use legible typography and font sizes for your customer's convenience.

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