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How to Create an Experience Resume in Apple Pages

Whenever we are applying for a job, we always bring a resume with us. That is because a resume or sometimes called a curriculum vitae (CV) is a tool that will help us to land for a job. An experienced resume is a summary of your skills, educational attainment, and above all, the complete information of the previous job experiences you've been through. In this article, we will share with you the elements and the necessary steps on how to create a functional experienced resume with the assistance of Apple Pages. You can also refer to our templates above if you need visual aids as you do your work. Check out the steps below.

1. Prepare the Necessary Information

First, you need to prepare basic information about yourself. Write it on any sheet of paper so that you will be guided. Such information includes your complete name, address, contact information. Don't forget to state the name of your grade school, high school, and the university you graduated. And since it is a resume, make sure that you also stated your skills, achievements, and your previous job experiences if there are any. You may also take an image of yourself if you want to attach a photo to it.

2. Select a Top-Notch Template Online

If we were you, it would be best to download a ready-made resume template online for it is much easier compared when you design from scratch. Here in Template.Net, we give you not just an Experienced Resume but also a Mechanical Engineering Resume, Fresher Resume, One Page Resume, and a lot more! We have here everything you need. Just click the sample resume of your choice and download it now for free.

3. Select an App

You have the right to select an editing app of your choice. But if you would like to ask for our opinion, then we strongly recommend you use Apple Pages as your editor. Why? That's because this application was created by well-known developers and they especially made this app easy and convenient for everyone to use. If you have an iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other IOS device then you can easily access this application for it was built-in in your device already.

4. Re-assess your Work

You want to impress your target employer, right? Then make sure you re-assess or you double-check your document to see if there are any lacking information and incorrect spellings. Check the resume format, the layout, and everything. Make sure that every word in your resume is properly-written before you print them out.

5. Submit your Resume

Go to your favorite printing shop and ask them if they offer laser printing type. Make sure that you choose high-quality paper stock in printing your basic resume for quality purposes. And since we are living in a modern era, you may submit your resume via email to your target company if they only have an email address.

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