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How To Create A One Page Resume in Illustrator

One-Page Resumes is a modern approach in the job-hunting process. It removes the bothersome task on multi-page resume for employers. One-Page Resumes are used both by Fresh Graduates and professionals alike. One-page resumes offer a Stylish and Elegant yet Comprehensive resume in a Brief and Concise package. To design a One-Page Resume using our Ready-Made Templates, We'll walk you through the process on how to create one using Adobe Illustrator.

1. Keep it Minimal, Prepare The Essentials

A One-page Resume, as mentioned above, is a minimalist resume yet comprehensive type of resume. It features an Infographic layout in which enumerates all the necessary information and details of the applicant. With that said, prepare and list down all the essential details and information. Exclude the extra baggage, only include what is relevant for the job you're applying for.

2. Design and Create In Adobe Illustrator

Design and create your one-page resume using Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is a Premiere design application software from Adobe. This designer software allows you to easily design and create a professional on-page resume on a user-friendly platform. Moreover, this designer software features quick and easy design, editing and formatting tools. Adobe Illustrator allows you to save your creations in different image file formats and it also allows you to print immediately.

3. Details And Format

Like most resumes, one-page or two-page resumes also features information about the applicant. It also enumerates a list of the applicant's skills and the length of professional experience they have. Most one-page resumes are formatted using a cascade style format. This format style features a descending pattern wherein personal information is written first followed by details such as skills, professional experience, and relevant training attended. For convenience, formatting is already provided for in our Ready-Made Templates along with Original Suggestive Headings and Content ready to edit or use as it is.

4. Layout and Design

One-Page Resumes, most of the time, are laid out and designed in an infographic manner. It provides a clean and professional resume. Section Titles are often laid out on the left portion of the resume with corresponding details on the right side portion of it. Design often include images, graphics, and colors reflecting the personality and profession of the applicant itself. Customize our Ready-Made One-Page Resume Templates accordingly using its already included High-Quality Images, Original Artwork, and Fully Customizable layout and Graphic Files, ready to edit or use as it is.

5. Print and Submit

The last and final step on having a Professional One-Page Resume is by having it saved and stored on your computer or any storage device. You now have the option to either submit your One-page Resume through email or print your One-Page Resume anywhere and anytime. Our Ready-Made One-Page Resume Templates are Ready For Print using any printing devices at home or at any printing shops near you.

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