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What Is a Resume?

A photo resume is a printed document that applicants use to introduce themselves to potential employers. A typical resume contains a header, professional objective, qualification summary, educational background, professional experience or experience, and reference. A resume could also include international experience, affiliates and memberships, community service, technical skills, honors and awards, leadership activities, and other academic involvement. However, though optional, some people include a high-definition photo on their resume.

How to Make a Photo Resume in Microsoft Publisher

No matter how competitors compete, Microsoft remained dominant in the computer industry. With its excellent applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you could process different documents that vary from letters to pitch decks presentation. Though very diverse in use, there is a specific application for a particular document. Like any other software from Microsoft that produces high-quality results, MS Publisher will help you produce an exceptional document. We recommend using Publisher in making photo resumes because it focuses on layout and design rather than processing words. With Publisher, you can make a professional-looking resume. Hence, to come up with the best resume in Publisher, we made a list that will help you. We made sure these steps are easy to follow and simple. Stick to our list and finish the best photo resume on time.

1. Look For Resume Ideas Online

If you have an old resume, you can have it rehashed and update the information. If you haven't done a resume before, look for ideas online. There are a lot of references you can find on the internet. And there are so many sources for the 'perfect' resume. Make sure to get a reliable reference to come up with a good result.

2. Make a Draft of the Photo Resume; Outline the Content

Now that you have a preview of what a resume looks like base on the ideas you looked up online. Start creating a draft for the resume. Bear in mind that this draft will be a temporary resume. However, make the draft as to how you want the elegant resume to look like. Then, proceed to outline the content. As you know, a resume contains the following; a header, professional objective, qualification summary, educational background, professional experience or experience, reference, and a high-quality image. Though optional to some people, including a photo on your resume will depend on your preference.

3. Launch Microsoft Publisher on Your Desktop

Your next move is to open MS Publisher on your device. The Publisher is available on different devices like smartphones and computers. Commonly, the processing of the application takes place on a personal computer because it is easier. But you can opt to use the device you are more familiar with and comfortable.

4. Download a Resume Template; Work on the Template

To simplify your task, use a template. A template will make your life easier and more convenient. With a template's suggestive content, you can modify the simple resume however you like. Plus, it can be accessed whenever and wherever you are. As soon as you have the template, start working on it. Let's go back to your draft and refer to it. It will guide you to finish the resume.

5. Finalize Your Photo Resume; Make a Run Through

Lastly, include a high-quality photo on the clean resume. Then read through once again to alter typos and incorrect information. Make everything correct and fit everything right in.

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