Get to effectively apply for a job position with the use of our simple but effective resume templates. Choose from a wide variety of templates that would suit what you need. Be able to create a well-formatted resume to provide information about your skills, education, experiences and other qualifications. These files are ready-made and can be used in all versions of Microsoft Publisher. They also make use of professionally designed content and layout. Available in A4 and US print sizes. Download now for free and save the file on your PC or mobile device.

While cover letters are often optional, resumes are mostly not. In fact, there are some job postings that would only require the applicant to bring or submit a resume—as simple as that. Resumes are a document that contains a summary of an individual's career objectives, work experience, educational background, skills, and other qualifications and competencies that make them fit for the job position. Other than the insightful contents itself, an ideal resume must have the equally ideal format in order to make the most of the job recruiter's time when browsing through mountains of resume.

Making resumes is not some kind of rocket science but starting one from scratch sure is a hassle. Hence, if you are planning to apply for your first job as a fresh graduate from college or as an experienced candidate, worry not because we've got you covered with our Simple Resume Templates in Microsoft Publisher. Our templates range many profession and each specific template contain job-specific content with suggestive headings and writings that you can conveniently customize using Microsoft Publisher. Each template you can download from our collection contains a ready-made format so you will no longer have to worry about making one from scratch. Our templates also come in A4 and US letter sizes which is convenient for you to print in most printers available near you.

Get to create your own simple resume that does the job of helping your get that coveted spot of getting a job interview today with our simple resume templates.

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