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How to Create a Media Schedule in Google Docs?

The purpose of a media schedule depends on the preference of a business. Sometimes, these schedules are for advertising shoots or campaign trailers. In other instances, media schedules can be for event productions and film shooting. And due to this generation's immense liking for the internet, social media scheduling has been prevalent for the past couple of years. Whether your business is about fashion or food, marketing in different media outlets—either traditional or modern methods—has its positive points. Being visible through various means of communication can boost your target audience.

For businesses, media planning is essential to make sure your goods and services are noticeable in various advertising areas. Earning profit is one of the end goals of a business, so to make that objective a reality, there should be proper planning and coordination.

1. Gather the Necessary Information

Before creating your media schedule template in Google Docs, you need to gather all the important information about the upcoming shoot or production. You need to know the location and dates of the filming, as well as the duration of each take. To make everything more manageable, you can make a calendar to lay out the plan. You also have to be informed about the equipment and set pieces to use for the filming. When you have this information, it makes tracking easier.

2. Know the People Involved

The cast and crew are the most vital part of the production. Without their presence, filming will not be successful. So when making your media schedule, have a checklist of all the people involved. This list not limited to the actors and actresses who will be acting in the advertisement or trailers. You should also include the crew, especially the directors, camera personnel, and scriptwriters, of the shoot. Doing this is vital to make sure you are aware of the people in the set. For security measures, it also keeps intruders from barging in the set unannounced.

3. Have Different Sections

A production—whether an event or a film production—has many parts and directing these areas can be confusing at times. To manage the production efficiently, you should have different sections in your media schedule format. These parts must have corresponding uses such as the section of equipment used and the section list of people who are responsible for scenes. Keeping it organized, you can either choose a weekly schedule or an hourly schedule for your production.

4. Make a Contingency Plan

It's unavoidable to meet some problems when you are part of a production. So, have to be ready for anything that will cause trouble in the flow of your filming or event. You have to prepare a contingency plan which will be part of your media schedule content. Part of this plan should be the alternatives when weather conditions are terrible, or other set locations when another team occupies the room you need for the shoot. This strategy helps you manage your time efficiently and productively. Moreover, if your schedule will take more than a few months, check the news for weather reports and predictions.

5. Print the Schedule

Proper planning has excellent rewards, and people should appreciate the usefulness of schedules. When the editing of the media schedule is complete, you should print the file. If necessary, you can distribute the document to the team. Also, you can keep a digital copy of this media schedule to use when you have other shoots and events.

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