How to Make a Pay Stub

From small businesses to large corporations, maintaining an employee payroll is integral. Part of this task involves distributing pay stubs along with salaries. A pay stub is a document that outlines details about a worker’s compensation, like the taxes and gross pay (as explained by The Balance, a business and career resource)

No worries if you’re new to creating a pay stub. Just read our tips (below) and you’ll be set!

1. Prepare Grid Tables for Your Pay Stub

In your pay stub, readability is essential when composing the contents. And so, to create the document’s primary section, use grid tables to organize everything neatly.

As you set up the various sections of the tables, write down your header labels in the leftmost column and top row. Meanwhile, depending on your needs, either landscape or portrait orientation is viable for the layout.

2. Your Pay Stub’s Main Content

Since a pay stub is an informative document, there are several key things to write down in the tables. First, the employee’s gross pay, which is the raw cash amount that they earn per check.

Next, enter the various deductions to the employee’s pay—such as the costs for taxes, insurance, pension plans, etc. Sometimes, there are also items that add to the final payment amount, like back pay.

3. Keep the Pay Stub’s Design Neat and Tidy

A pay stub is an official business document, so it needs to look presentable. After entering the necessary details into the pay stub, use different colors to segregate the tables’ sections. Along with that, take advantage of formatting options to make the text more readable—change the alignment, size, and so on.

4. Provide Additional Information in the Pay Stub

Besides the payment details, there are other items to include in the stub. At the top, write down the company name, company address, payee name, bank name, chek deposit, account number, and total amount.

And those are our tips! Do you need easy-to-use samples for your content creation? Then consider our handy Pay Stub Templates!

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