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How To Create A Timesheet In Apple Pages?

A timesheet is rather an effective timekeeping process in your business instead of using time cards. One advantage of it is that your employees can track the summary of their work hours. Another one is when you are making payroll for your employees, you can easily use it as a reference. Well, it might be considered an extra task, but making one must not be additional for your time, effort, and cost. You want to know how? Well, here's how:

1. Format Your Timesheet Header

In every business document you issue, there must be a proper headline. The header of your timesheet includes the necessary company information such as company name, company logo, complete address, contact information, and such. It is a process required to make as it will give a brand to your timesheet.

2. Add Employee Information

If you want to write a separate timesheet in each employee, you need to indicate each essential information. It must compose with the employee's name, identification number, position, department, the head officer assigned to that specific employee, timekeeper, status, and such. It will significantly help your human resource staff in making the employees payroll and billing.

3. Insert Timesheet Table

To officially start your timesheet, you need to insert tables for a better organization. After inserting, you can label each row with the designated title such as days of the week (if for weekly timesheet), regular hours, overtime hours, sick and vacation pay, and other leave. If there are instances wherein there is a change of schedule (like graveyard shifts), indicate it also if applicable.

4. Fill Out Employee's Attendance Information

Fill out this table in accordance with the status of the attendance of the employee. It is usually done on a daily sheet basis: from Mondays to Sundays with 8-working hours or depending upon the company. Also, indicate the hourly pay rate depending on the confidentiality of the data. Lastly, designate a space at the bottom for the summary or total of the hours.

5. Calculate For Payroll

For calculating the attendance to know the adequate amount, you can use simple formulas in the attendance sheet. Specify the employee's tardiness and absences and deduct it from the overall attendance requirement. If they tend to have an absence but with leave, take note of it if the applicable holiday has an equal pay or not.

6. Download Timesheet Templates

But if you want to make timesheets easier and faster, you can download timesheet templates online. Where? Do not look anymore as you are on the right site! Here at, our timesheet templates high-quality and professionally-written. From billable timesheet templates to weekly employee timesheet, we offer it to you for free! But wait, there's more! Our templates are easily editable in Apple Pages in any Mac device. We also provide other sheets templates that you need for timekeeping such as sign-in sheet, sign-out sheet, sign-up sheets, and many more.

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