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How To Create A Timesheet in Microsoft Word

Timesheets were previously referred to as time books. They were used as a paper sheet in the 19th century that includes tasks, working days, and working hours. Every time they arrived or left work, employees would stamp their time in and out through time clock machines. Timesheets were important in determining the wage of a worker. A timesheet is an online or offline tool that enables you to track your worked time and keep track of it. That implies you can see precisely how many hours each worker attended work. Timesheets are very helpful in three different aspects, and they can be used in keeping track of the payroll, project estimation, and staff management.

Keep track of the hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly activities of your employees within your company with the help of our daily and monthly sheet templates. Download one of our templates and follow our prepared steps/tips below.

1. Acquaint The Basic Law And Regulations

Since timesheet is to keep a record of the working hours an employee did for your company, it is given that you have familiarized the laws regarding the minimum wage of a worker. The summary of the major laws of the Department of Labor for employees caters to their minimum pay and overtime pay every day. The timesheet helps you determine how much salary you need to give to a worker, but, you cannot distinguish the corresponding amount without knowing the law. Ignorance of the law excuses no one, so better study the law regarding labor for everyone's benefit.

2. Make A Master List Of The Employees

You cannot have a proper record if the total list of your employees are not appropriate. Before you tabulate the data in the timesheet, make a master list of the names of your employees. Be careful in listing their names to avoid discrepancies in the pay. Indicate their respective position in the company so that it will be easy for you to determine them.

3. Tabulate Everything Transparently

Be honest when you tabulate their number of working hours and overtime. Only write what is right and do not give extras to those you are close with. Tabulate everything honestly, remember that their pays depend on what you tabulate in the employee record sheet.

4. Take Advantage Of Our Template

For a quick and comfortable life, make use of our sheet templates. Scroll through our site and for sure you will be able to find a suitable sheet for your company. Our templates are in high-quality and printable for home or commercial preferences. They also have suggestive headings that will help you when you start tabulating the data of your employee's working hours.

5. Make Everything Possible With Microsoft Word

Our templates are compatible with Microsoft Word software, so why not make use of it. Since the software is available on any of your devices, then it will be less hassle for you. Microsoft Word is perfect for tabulating and keeping records of employee's data since it has tools that will enable you to edit and type swiftly.

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